Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2019

The future of cars across the world: Cars with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) replicates human behavior and the ability to think
logically after seeing or analyzing the scenario. Moving towards the future,
human beings are incorporating artificial intelligence wherever it is possible
to replace or support human beings. The extent of using artificial intelligence
also differs from field to field. Talking of artificial intelligence in cars, human
has not lagged behind. Car manufacturing companies are partnering with
software development companies to develop intelligent real-life interpreter
system for cars which can help cars to communicate with other cars and take
correct decisions quickly so that they can run safely on roads. You can already
see many such cars on the road using basic artificial intelligence. Artificial
intelligence is applied to cars in various ways:
Internet: Connectivity to the internet facilitates many Artificial
Intelligence features to work effectively.    
Maps: Apps like Google Maps help to find locations, current traffic
status, alternative routes and much more with the help of satellite view.
The accuracy is commendable. The map guides are quite reliable and
have given great support to drivers of public and private cars, especially
while driving to an unknown location.
Cloud Computing: It allows people to find gas stations, restaurants, and
other utilities. Saving notes to remind you of purchasing required
household items when passing a grocery shop is just a bit of artificial
intelligence, there is a lot in store.
Driving assistance: Deep learning technology has helped in
autonomous driving or assisting a human driver. Repetitive human
behavior is learned quickly by a machine, and a machine implements it
quickly by the way of autonomous system incorporated in your car.
Using past data to help you reach your favorite location or a place where
you are revisiting is just a small example of Artificial Intelligence
assisting while driving.
Face & Voice recognition: Face recognition, eye recognition, voice

Finger print scanner, and other biometrics are used as a part of Artificial
Intelligence in cars to generate data on the basis of which automated
cars provide more safety on roads. Additionally, cars are also protected
against theft with their help.
Infotainment systems: Such systems provide a user-friendly interface
in a car to blend information with entertainment. Compatible hardware
and software with internet furnish advanced infotainment system. Grab
the chance to view some information or simply relax while traveling
with the help of information or entertainment systems installed in
automated cars.
Driverless car: Once a fantasy is now running on roads. Driverless cars
use artificial intelligence to stand next to you from the parking lot. Just
by a few clicks on your mobile app, you can make this possible, all thanx
to Artificial Intelligence.  Driverless cars have many other benefits. They
release fewer emissions, enable reduced travel time and facilitate more
accurate and safe driving.
The chief aim of using artificial intelligence in cars is to reduce the number of
accidents, traffic, etc. and provide road safety, following traffic rules,
increasing car security, etc. Cars with artificial intelligence are far safer than
human-driven cars because they can communicate with nearby cars via
internet and furthermore their calculation of distance and speed is more
accurate so they know what humans cannot see while driving. Furthermore,
the Artificial Intelligence installed cars are less prone to theft as they give
access only to the recognized drivers. The artificial intelligence supported cars
may cost more initially but they are worthy because of the safety they provide.
Moreover, they are undoubtedly future cars. Car insurance needs also reduce
with artificial intelligence because they are safer and secure. However,
Artificial Intelligence hardware and software may need to be insured. So,
depending on the type and extent of artificial intelligence installed in your car,
the car insurance needs may vary. Your car insurance company can guide
you righteously regarding apt car insurance needs for your car.
Companies like Britton Insurance, Ireland is once such company guiding you
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customers can also make changes in their existing car insurance cover with
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artificial intelligence features or not.

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