The government provides an additional resource for the epidemiological tasks of homeless care

The government will provide an additional funding source for epidemiological tasks in homeless care, the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) told MTI on Tuesday.



The Public Foundation for the Homeless, with the support of Emmi, announces a tender in the amount of almost HUF 134.5 million for the organization of epidemiological protection for institutions providing homelessness. The announcement is available on the website of the Public Foundation for the Homeless, at  .
    According to the announcement, although homeless care is a municipal task, the government will strengthen the protection against the virus in the epidemiological situation and increase government support, because during the coronavirus epidemic, homeless care institutions perform different tasks than before.
    Applications may be submitted for the purchase of epidemic-related equipment (washing machine, tumble dryer, mattresses, beds), for the expansion of accommodation to reduce congestion (for the purchase, commissioning, expansion of buildings, for the construction of new premises) or for the localization of a coronavirus epidemic. insulation, segregation and sluice rooms, investments to improve the hygiene of buildings or to maintain institutional hygiene) – read the communication.
    In the recent period, the government has spent HUF 9 billion a year on the care of the homeless, while in 2019 this amount was higher than ever before, HUF 12 billion, it was written.
    They stated: “Homeless care in Hungary is of good quality, thanks to the cooperation of homeless organizations operating night shelters and day warmers, street social work services and accommodation institutions, as well as the relevant authorities.”
    They added: “Today, no one in Hungary has to spend their nights on the streets.” Despite the cold weather, vacancies are available in the supply system, with utilization barely above 76 percent nationwide.

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