The Main Causes Of Allergy Problems In Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is one the best places that a person is most likely to spend time in. It has been noted that on average, a normal person spends about one-third of his/her life in the bedroom. While it’s the most common place where you are likely to be found, it is one of the most allergic places too. There are a lot of allergens present in your bed room which you might not be knowing about. If you are having headaches, runny nose or itchy eyes when you wake up from your sleep in your bedroom, then it is most likely symptoms that the allergens present in bedroom are causing all these troubles. If you are having allergy related problems in your bedroom, then it’s high time for treatment you to take action and get rid of the causes that are producing them. Below is a list of the major things that cause allergy related problems.

How to get rid of dust mites

Dust mites bites are the main culprit that are responsible for most of the allergy problems that you face in your bedroom. Statistics show that a whopping 92 percent of the people who suffer from allergies, respond to them. Dustmites are usually found in soft surfaces and the most common place is your bed. These creatures are not visible to the unaided eye because they are too small to look and will at least require 10 times magnification for you to see them. If you are wondering how many of them are in your bed; statistics show that what an average number of bad has around 2 million dust mite! Therefore it’s advised to use an air purifier in your house, Besides that, is it recommended to change sheets regularly and buy a new mattress cover and pillow ones in a while.


Mold is an allergen that can grow in places that have sufficient moisture for the growth of it. They can also grow in your bedroom and might grow in places that you wouldn’t even notice. A small area of mold can cause a lot of allergies, so it really has to be taken care of. The good thing is that you can easily take care of mold once you spot it. You can use bleach to clean the place where mold has grown or get rid of the item on which it grew.


Seasonal allergies are caused by pollens. There are different kinds of pollens at different time of the year, so if you are allergic to different types of pollens then you might be having a lot of allergic problems throughout the year. Pollen can easily stick to your clothes and hair and you will eventually take them back with you in your bedroom if you go in your bedroom wearing the same clothes that you wore outside.

Pet Dander

We all like to spend time with our pets but you might be allergic to the dander that they give off. Pet dander is also one of the major causes of allergy related problems in your bedroom because you might be having pets sleep in your bedroom or your pets might be roaming in your bedroom when you are away.

The Solution

According to Plenty Air, these were the four major causes of allergy problems, but what’s the solution? Generally speaking — cleanliness. Yes, wash your bedding every week and vacuum clean your carpet twice or thrice a week if you have one in your bedroom. This way you will get rid of most of the relief bugs and allergens. Also, consider purchasing an air purifier and have it in your bedroom. An air purifier will get rid of most of the contaminants from the air in your bedroom.

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