The many benefits of online video consultations

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Access to a good doctor has been a constant issue facing the patients. Logistics, cost of commute, expenses at the medical appointment, the long wait for turn are some of the many issues facing patients.

A great solution presented to this problem is by online video consultation. Patients do not have to waste time and effort in securing an appointment with the doctor, it’s just a click away. For example, one can simple Google search the Top skin specialist in Lahore, get their profile and book an appointment.

Other than saving time, there are other benefits of online video consultation as well;

Its more cost effective

Running a practice is not an easy thing. The entire step cost, its maintenance, monthly utilities, helping staff etc. are some of the expenses that the doctors have to account for. They then have to charge the patients accordingly then as well.

However, with virtual practice, doctors do not have to worry about these expenses. This is of benefit to the doctor and the patient both. The former does not have to worry about the set up and thus video sessions are more economical as well. Patient also then does not have to worry about exorbitant doctor fee. They also save up on the fuel and fare expense incurred during the commute to-and-fro the doctor’s place

It resolves logistics problems for the patients and doctors

Many patients, especially those severely ill have to endure a lot of pain and discomfort to meet their doctor. The long commute, the waiting for the appointment on the hard seats of the doctor’s room, the limitation of having an attendant to take them to the doctor are some of the issues patients face.

However, video consultation effectively resolves these. Patients are not unnecessarily bothered for their appointment with their doctor. They can easily talk to them and in case there is something worrisome, they can come in for a physical exam and tests.

Moreover, it is also convenient for the doctors as well. Most practice at multiple locations and thus have a lot of their time wasted in dashing from one place to another. With video consultation, they can cater to the bulk of their patients from one place only. 

Physicality is not a barrier anymore

So many times, the patient is unable to reach out to the doctor as they are not in the same locality. Not only is this bad for the patient who is deprived of care from a doctor whose professional acumen they trust, but doctors also suffer from lost opportunities.

Moreover, it also imposes on the doctors who cannot travel elsewhere in case their patient needs them. However, with video consultation, physicality is not more a barrier. Both the patient and the doctor are accessible to each other.

It is great for follow-up

While many patients need to be physically examined by the doctor and need their vitals taken. However, there are so many instances where the patient is just in for a follow up appointment that does not necessitate any examination.

Hence, video consultation is ideal for in this case. Neither the patient nor the doctor has to phase any inconvenience of any sort and no unnecessary traveling is required. It is best for the patients who are chronically ill or have mobility problems.

Improved availability

It’s not always possible to reach out to the doctor at their practice. But video consultations do not have this problem. Doctor is more readily and instantly available as they are just a click away.

Moreover, patient who need their doctor immediately do not have to wait for their appointment and their turn. They can simply video call the doctor. This also improves the medical outcomes as with instant care, the health of the patient and condition improves.

Patient History

With telehealth and video consultation, it is very easy to keep track of the patient history, as the patient information is saved in digital format over the software.

This saves time as the patient does not have to give these details every time and also makes it easier for the doctor to prescribe regimen accordingly. 

Patients can reach the experts anywhere in the world

Another problem that video consultation solves is transcending distances. Many patients want to visit an expert but cannot due to city or even country wide barrier. Consequently, patient has to make do with the local alternatives who might not be as good.

However, with video consultation, patients can reach out and talk to any doctor of their choice, anywhere in the world. People living in London can talk to the top Top skin specialist in Karachi, all thanks to the digital world.

Hence, distances have become insignificant due to video consultation.

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