The Most Promising Dubai Properties in 2020 Made Public


Appello Real Estate in Dubai has identified leading investment-worthy properties for the year 2020. 


The said concern foresees the resurgence of real estate linked activities on account of new developments that are to mature, regulations that will have a positive bearing, and UAE preparation to organize the Expo 2020 event. 


Naval Vohra estimates in the capacity of CEO in Appello Real Estate that 2020 will present many significant communities benefitting both occupants and investors. Vohra adds that his concern’s recommendations are likely to bear more significant benefits. 


The following paragraphs mention Appello’s recommendations. 


Palm Jumeirah

Its Speciality: Some significant launches are approaching. 


Kerzner International nudges The Palm Jumeirah to enter an exciting phase that is bound to raise its profit returning capacity. The Atlantis developer and operator, which is Palm Jumeirah, is readying to welcome the third decade with Royal Atlantis. This Kerzner International’s apartment resort complex is going to have one 43-storey resort tower and one 43-storey residential Atlantis tower. A bridge imbedded with pools, cabanas, and lounges will interconnect these 43-storey towers.


Nakheel Mall, which was inaugurated in 2015, is complete now. Nakheel Mall prides in its leisure attractions, shops, and restaurants that exceed the 300 mark, besides its underground parking with a capacity of 4,000 vehicles.  


City Walk

Its Speciality: The location and entertainment capacity of City Walk will draw more families.


City Walk retains its profitability attraction for potential owners in particular. Its popularity is in the upward movement. What is more, City Walks sees Exp 2020 raising its popularity and practicality further. There are reasons. These are convenient transportation, excellent Jumeirah location, and nearby entertainment facilities. Hub Zero there serves children entertainment needs, and Green Plan emphasizes the wonderfulness of over 3,000 flora and fauna. Mattel Play Town, one further attraction, offers indoor and interactive activities for children from 2 to 10. Children’s fictional characters mark this ‘edu play’ attraction. Besides, the beach is adjacent.


Business Bay

Its Speciality: 2020 foresees importance here. 


The convenient approach features Business Day. Though its construction took long, yet coming years forecast a rise in Business Day’s desirability. 2019 favored it as its September, October and November penned 1,160 property transactions.


Al Qudra Road

Its Speciality: Quality, peacefulness, and eco-friendliness are Al Qudra Road’s salient features poised to succeed it.  


Many developments have shone the hidden value of area along with Al Qudra Road. Miran in Emaar’s Reem is one excellent example presenting Al Qudra as a dark horse. The affordability, quality, and lifestyle too are amongst the promoting aides. Communities here are counted in suburbs in Dubai, which means free parking, cleaner air, more affordable rents, and likewise. 


Dubai Hills Estate

Its Speciality: Survives slumps in the property market.



The value of Dubai Hills Estate evaded dips in the market almost successfully. The last year, i.e., 2019, witnessed both investors and owner holding it in high esteem. Dubai Hills Estate earned buyer’s confidence on account of its outdoor areas, amenities, shopping malls, and office and retail spaces. Appello Real Estate estimates 2020 will add further value to Dubai Hills Estates for potential investors in particular.  


Bluewaters Island

 Its Speciality: New hotel launches have brought Bluewaters Island to the fore suddenly. 


Ain Dubai, the observation wheel, features this artificial Bluewaters Island situation in adjacency to Jumeirah Beach Residence. 2020 is to see the completion of Bluewaters Island. The planned launches here have the potential to draw in property transactions. One excellent example is Caesar Palace hotels, which happens to be a first here in the entire Middle East. Dubai Marina and its splendid properties are quite near. Besides, it is going to handle Group Rapid Transit service featuring a driverless vehicle system that promises a unique experience. 


Dubai Creek Harbour

Its Speciality: The trend of waterfront living is at its zenith in Dubai Creek Harbour.



Many people fancy waterfront living, and Dubai Creek Harbour materializes it well on the banks of Dubai Creek, which is not far from Downtown Dubai. Dubai Creek Harbour blends diversity in estate development and embeds convenience in transportation here. Appello Real Estate finds it very attractive from a tenancy viewpoint. If waterfront living passion fades, you can rent or lease it, which is to bring a good Return of Investment. 


MBR City

Its Speciality: Though 2020 is to see its completion, yet Appello Real Estate finds MBR City attracting animal lovers in particular. 


Mohammad Bin Rashid City features both mid and high-rise choices in living. Equestrian and falcon centers in Meydan Hotel in MBR City attract animal lovers. Besides, apartments and splendid townhouses and villas MBR City prides in food, entertainment, and business opportunities.

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