Published On: Mon, May 20th, 2019

The results you will get for your booth design depends on who you hire.

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You need someone who is creative, a great listener, and has a great reputation for the work they do. They should be able to demonstrate the have the skills and the desire to get the job done for you successfully and on time. You need to go into such a product knowing you are in very good hands.

The last thing you want are hassles or problems to develop. You may have limited knowledge about trade show booth designers right now, but with some diving into it online, you can start to identify who has a great reputation and who has a long list of unhappy customers behind them. Get started so you can have all the time you need to narrow it down.

What are you Looking for?

Before you reach out to trade show booth designers, think about what you are looking for. Do you need an elaborate concept or something simple? Do you know what you want, or do you need someone to come on board to create the idea for you? How much time do you have for the project to be completed? How much can you spend on it?

Such information will give you the framework of what you need to look for with trade show booth designers. Once you find some experts that fit your needs, set up a time to talk to them. If they aren’t willing to consult with you, mark them off your list. Most professionals are happy to give you a no obligation consult.

Consult with Experts

Be ready for the consulting sessions as they are for a limited window of time. You need to get a good feel of the trade show booth designers and what they could contribute for your business. Ask to see samples, ask about their experience, and the methods they use. Share your objectives with them and see what they offer. You need to feel comfortable talking to them.

The communication should flow with ease. You will be working closely with them, and you don’t want to feel uneasy around them. If you feel they are pressuring you, rushing you, or not listening to you, they aren’t the right trade show booth designers for you to work with. They need to guide you through the process and treat you like you are a priority.

Talk about Concepts and Pricing

Thank them for their time, and get back to them. If you feel they are the right provider for you, ask to schedule another appointment. This is where you will discuss the concepts and the pricing. You may be able to finalize the plan of action with the trade show booth designers at this time. You may need to give them some time to create some options for you and schedule another.

When you come back in to look at the concepts they offer, be honest about them. If you love one of them, you can finalize those details, and they can proceed with the idea. If you like certain things but not others, tell them so they can make changes. This can continue until you are very content with what you see. They should never start to make the exhibition materials until then.

You want time to review the final work too before you need it for display. Don’t cut your deadlines too close or you may be stuck with something you don’t want. A great provider is going to strive to get it right the first time. They want you to be a happy customer, but if it is wrong, they will take steps to make it right.

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