These are the 6 foods that make you positive in a drug test:

Certain foods can cause a toxicological test to give a false positive and cause problems with law enforcement. Several institutions such as the US National Center for Biotechnology Information have collected a list of products and the reasons for these erroneous results.


Ginand tonic:


The tonic with which gin is mixed is made with small amounts of quinine, an ingredient that appears in other drugs such as cocaine and heroin, the main purpose is to testing positive on drug test.


A study published by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that a false positive may occur in a drug-use test if a tonic has been taken.


Cough syrups and ibuprofen:


There are a number of medications that could trigger a false positive in a drug test. For example, cough syrups that contain dextromethorphan have been associated with false-positive phencyclidine (PCP).


In addition, other medications such as ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory drugs can produce false THC positives.


Hemp seeds:


Products made with hemp seeds (such as hemp oil), although legal, may contain traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.


If food is consumed based on this product, THC can accumulate in the body’s fat cells and lead to positives in a drug test. To completely eliminate the presence of the psychoactive substance in the human body, they must spend at least 45 days without consuming these products, calculates the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.


Food supplements:


It is known that some dietary supplements, especially sports enhancers, contain controlled substances such as ephedrine and other drugs associated with doping in athletes, such as the steroid hormone androstenedione.




This food is known as the stinkiest fruit in the world and can be found in several Asian countries. Its smell is so exaggerated that it even blows up the alarms of the most accepted drug tests in the world: alcohol.


Last month the police arrested a man in the Chinese province of Jiangsu because they suspected he was driving drunk. The man blew the breathalyzer and tested positive. Despite what the detector marked, the Chinese citizen said he had not drunk but was the result of having taken a durian. Given this statement, the agents performed a blood test that, in effect, confirmed that it was the fermentation of the fruit when ripe, according to The New York Post.


Bread and Cakes:


Most baked goods are made with yeast, which ferments and can produce a small amount of alcohol. Although this is not enough to get drunk, the remains that can remain in the teeth may be enough for a breathalyzer to record traces of liquor, according to Canadian baked goods manufacturer Breathalyzer Life Safer.

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