This Is How You Can Combat Nasty Laser Printer Problems

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This report will reveal the 5 most common things which can jam up printers and if you are not on top of these 5 most common things it may just come back and bite you square in the rear end if you are not on top it.


You don’t need to be a tech head to figure this stuff out and you don’t need any special training whatsoever… you just need to use some common sense and follow all the suggested tips which 5 year old could understand.




Before you do any of the mentioned things make sure the power is disconnected before you do anything else.


Which means switch off the printer at the wall and remove the plug from the wall, remove the cord from any networked or single use desktops or laptops you want to remove any risk with and leads or power supply cords connected with printer.


  1. Now find out where the printer cartridge is and remove the cartridge from the printer
  2. Next you need to clean the cartridge if it has not already been done…here is the best way to do so.
  3. You grab cloth or a chux super wipe- lightly dampen it.
  4. Than you wipe down the exterior of the cartridge only.
  5. Do not clean the underneath side where the light sensitive is exposed or pull back and flaps or covers you may see.


If there is a micro chip fitted to your cartridge than it would be pretty good idea not to remove or apply the damp cloth to any part of it.


You must not place the cartridge while it is outside of the printer in direct sunlight under any circumstances.


Looking back into where you got the cartridge out from and then look to see if you can see any build up of dust, toner, or anything else which may bugger up printer.


Look at any of the moving parts you may see and see if they are contaminated with dust, dirt, or anything else…which includes ‘paper dust’ or anything else which is of fine dust like appearance.


Look for anything inside the printer which does not belong there for instance paper clips, bits of left over paper…


Something else which you can do easily is check out the rear end of the printer where all the electrical cords or networked desktops, laptops, or anything else…look for any small doors which open out.


Look for dust and paper bits, anything else around those areas.


If you have small 240 volt compressor you’ll be able to do the next step dead easy…


I want you to blow out all the built up grim and grime, paper dust, anything else which may have found itself inside of the printer instead of on the floor or else where.


Or you can use small clapped out vacuum from home the one you keep in the cupboard for little jobs which your mum may have given you 10 years ago or one of those dust busters from TV infomercial for $29.95


You see the 5 critical areas of paper jams are:


  1. Incorrect media type
  2. Paper not loaded the right way into the paper dispenser
  3. Printer cartridge not correctly fitted
  4. Some sort of a blockage in the printer where the paper travel through the roller system.
  5. Printer is just worn out or overused for your business in which case you may need to upgrade your printer to suit your current printing usage.

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