Three Different Solutions to Cancel a Format in Progress

Description: Is it possible to cancel a format in process? How to recover the formatted data effectively? Now, users can read this post to get the answers.

Why Users Need to Cancel a Format in Progress

When using a FAT 32 drive and one single file is larger than 4GB, users will receive an error message as the file is too large for the destination. In this situation, users may choose a format the drive to NTFS file system to save the large file.

When the external hard drive becomes slow or unresponsive, users can also format the drive to fix the problem.

When users can’t access a drive, they can also choose to format the drive to the normal state.

It will take a while to finish the formatting process. This process will even last for a long time if there are so many files on the drive and users don’t choose quick format.

Here comes a question: if the format process lasts for a long time or even diskpart format stuck, is it possible to cancel a format in process?

No matter you are using diskpart, Disk Management or in the File Explorer to format a drive, there is definitively a way to stop a format in process. These ways will be introduced in the next part.

How to Stop a Disc from Formatting

The following three ways are based on formatting a drive in File Explorer or using Disk Management and Command Prompt. Users can just choose a suitable way according to their own situation. Besides, these ways are also available to cancel USB format.

Way 1: How to Stop a Format in File Explorer

When users enter File Explorer to format a drive, the formatting interface will stay on the desktop. Then, users can just press the Cancel button on the interface to cancel a format in process. This way is very simple.

Way 2: How to Cancel a Format in Disk Management

When entering Disk Management to format a drive, the formatting interface will disappear during the format process. However, users can right-click on the target drive and then choose Cancel format to stop the

format process.

This way is also not difficult.

Way 3: How to Stop Format Command

Here comes to the most important part: how to cancel format command prompt? When the formatting process in Command Prompt is continued, there is no command line to stop it. Instead, users still need to enter Disk Management to cancel a format in process.

After entering Disk Management, users need to right-click on the disk which contains the target drive and choose the Offline option. Then, the formatting process stops. Next, users need to choose Online from the right-click menu to make the disk back to normal state and use it as usual again.

Indeed, this way is also easy, but many users don’t know it. However, they know now.

How to Recover Formatted Files Effectively

If users format a drive by mistake, they must want to recover them if these files are vital. On the other hand, to cancel a format will change the target drive to RAW and the drive will become inaccessible.

To recover formatted files or recover data from a RAW drive, users can try this free file recovery tool: MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

To recover data from a formatted or RAW computer hard drive or external hard drive, users need to use This PC module. To recover files from removable drive, users need to use Removable Disk Drive module.

Users can download and install the Trial Edition of this software to their computer to have a try.

Here, take the computer hard drive as an example.

After opening the software, users will enter This PC interface directly. Then, they need to choose the target drive to scan.

When the scanning process ends, users will see the scan result as follows. Normally, this software will display the scanned files by path. Users can open each path to find their wanted files. On the other hand, they can use the Type, Find and Filter functions to find the files quicker.

With the Trial Edition, users can’t save the scanned files. However, they can update it to a full edition to recover the files successfully.

If users need to recover formatted data from USB flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, etc, please connect the removable drive to the computer and use Removable Disk Drive to have a try. The steps are similar to This PC module. We will not repeat them here.

As a bonus, we introduce a third-party partition manager for users to make file system conversion between NTFS and FAT32 without data loss. This tool is MiniTool Partition Wizard. Here, users can just visit the MiniTool official site to get more information about this software.

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