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Tips To Help Your Kids Deal With Your Divorce And Custody Battles

Tips To Help Your Kids Deal With Your Divorce And Custody Battles

Divorce is a hard time for anyone and when parents get separated, this creates a lot of confusion and turmoil in the life of their child. Children have many unanswered questions, strange feelings, and emotions that they might not understand fully. After seeing both your parents as one united entity, to see them as two different parties not getting along with each other and looking at getting separated and divorced can be extremely painful for the children. It is important that no matter how many differences you both have as partners, you do not let it seep into your role as parents and guardians of your kids.

Since the impact of a divorce on your kids is almost inevitable, all you can do is ensure that your kids are not alone in dealing with the confused state of affairs in the family. So here are some tips to help your kids deal with your divorce and custody battles.

Be Honest

Sugarcoating a situation is only going to make it worse when the news finally breaks to the children. Instead of trying to keep the children away from the obvious changes that are taking place in the family, be honest with your children and let them know what is going on. Be respectful when talking about your partner; remember he/ she may not be your partner anymore but will always be a parent to your kid. Don’t make any promises to your child that you are not sure you can keep or fulfill

Fights, Arguments, and Legal Talk

You should make it a point that you do not disrespect, argue or fight with each other in front of your children. This will lead to further anger and sadness among them. Do not discuss Louisiana custody laws or divorce laws in front of your kid. In fact, do not have any legal talk or conversations in the presence of your children. Try to avoid having such talks and conversations in the house because children get curious to eavesdrop sometimes, which might confuse and sadden them further.

Continue With The Daily Routine

While dealing with child┬ácustody, try not to┬ádisturb and disrupt the kids’ daily routine too much. You will both try to divide and spend time with your child, but try not to interfere or change the child’s daily routine too much. It’s important that the daily schedule of school, meals and a stable environment continues even if you both are going through a divorce. You both should sit down and plan out a timetable for your child and also distribute the responsibilities so that the child gets to spend time with the both of you without going too out of the way of his/ her daily routine.

Be Ready With Answers

Separation and divorce can lead to several questions and doubts in the minds of young children. You should be ready to answer all kinds of questions that your child may ask. Be as honest as you can be in your answers and don’t raise any hopes or make any promises that you aren’t sure of or can’t fulfill. If you do not have an answer to a particular question, let your kid know that. Children will appreciate honesty and be able to come to terms with the changed situation if you give them honest answers. While you may feel inclined to lie to them to protect them, know that the truth is inevitable, and lying to your children might do them more harm than good.


Every child reacts differently to the news of his/ her parents getting separated or divorced. Children may experience extreme emotions like depression, anxiety, etc. It is your responsibility to make sure that even while you and your partner are going through a divorce, the way your child deals with it is made a little easier by your support, understanding, and affection.

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