Top 4 Major Survey Tools as SurveyMonkey Alternatives

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Better Online Survey platform provides better, unique question types and collects accurate and valuable data from the respondents. Many platforms offer survey building services to get survey template for research and other organization’s purposes. It is imperative to choose the best platform for the best and accurate data consequences. You must need such Survey Builder platforms that provide the quality and multiple survey types and questions.

What are the Major Survey Monkey Alternatives?

It’s imperative to understand the disadvantages of the SurveyMonkey tool as it requires a high budget to get a subscription and demands a minimum of $99 to unlock various features. This survey tool’s primary failure is that its anonymous survey feature is not genuinely functional and stores respondent’s IP address and location. It shows the respondents’ email address and location to the organization that conducts the survey. It also doesn’t support the MaxDiff and Conjoint analysis methodology to provide the preference data consequences to the organizations.

Therefore, some major SurveyMonkey Alternatives provide multiple survey templates’ best services with quick data analysis. These alternatives offer unique features at reasonable prices and also give MaxDiff and  Conjoint Surveys facilities. These SurveyMonkey Alternatives include:

  • SurveyKing

It’s the best platform to create an online survey within one click. It’s quality services make it distinct from the other survey tools. It offers its services at a low price with a high data delivery system, and the respondents can easily use it without any training or tutorial due to the user- friendly interface. The best thing about the tool is the availability of Anonymous surveys with a highly end-to-end encrypted system.  It also contains MaxDiff and Conjoint survey templates for the preference purpose so that every sector can utilize its services efficiently.


It assists the organization in capturing positive review and boosting the working performance of the company. One can easily send survey templates by using Email and URL link options to the respondents.

  • SurveyHero

The platform provides a simple but attractive interface to the respondents, and one can easily use it and create survey questions according to the business requirements. It has less advanced features, but the simple interface makes it more valuable to use it easily. Its packages are closer to the SurveyMonkey tool but have a clean data reporting mechanism within a few minutes.

  • Alchemer

It’s the best survey tool in providing multiple survey templates to the respondents by the organization and Research Company. It gives its features and services in reasonable packages, and one can easily afford it. The reporting purpose is best known for its data reporting, and analysis is much accurate and according to the ideal statistical values. It offers various filters and comparison while creating reports. A variety of question types like MaxDiff and Image heatmap are also valuable services of this survey tools.

  • SurveySparrow

The survey tool is known for its highly interacting capabilities with other platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Analytics. The high interaction capabilities make it very useful in creating a survey questionnaire. It has an attractive and simple interface with customization, and everyone can easily use it without any training or tutorial. Its packages are similar to SurveyMonkey, but it provides more advanced survey templates and questions.

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