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Top 7 Netflix Movies & Serials of this Year

Top 7 Netflix Movies & Serials of this Year

I will help you to find the best that Netflix. I’ll count down the top 7 original movies. There So many serial watching platforms available on the internet like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many more but we are talking about the Netflix platform available movies

Best of all-time list. This video only includes films released on the streaming service of the last couple of years. As always we will be our personal favorites regardless of the score for Pub tight through the exhibits. Let’s get started.


1) Spencer confidential

Spencer confidential least in 2020 Stars Mark Wahlberg and Spencer a former detective department serve five years in state prison for beating up on bail after getting out of prison Spencer teams of this roommate, they talk music inspiring and then they fighter played by Winston.

Do they investigate the murder of Boston cops for the criminals to Justice while Spencer confidential is Much of the dialogue does fall flat? It’s an entertaining film. Nonetheless.

2)  Extraction

It is never dying is the action thriller film extraction. It stars Chris Hemsworth trades in his Thorn hammered work assault rifle as he works with the Fearless Black Ops mercenary, but nothing left to lose using skills. We’ve hired rescued and prison and you crime Lords kidnap son Bangladesh extraction features spectacular action scenes the Fantastic stonework if your Some junkie enjoy this film I have good news for you.

3) Always be my maybe

Always be my maybe this 2019 romantic comedy Stars Ali Wong and Randall Park. Klay Thompson grabs they have a holly out as teenagers with each other for 15 years in San Francisco. It still does heartfelt and study moments and it’s perfect for a stay-at-home date night and significant other piano reason is it has a hilarious Cameo. It has to be seen to be believed.

4) Highway

The next spot is the highway 2019 crime drama is Stars its Frank Hamer and Woody Harrelson and moving in is a perfect example of why so many of the movie critics visit most of you will know. Excellent bill with fantastic performances from the entire past tells the story from the perspective of the heroes instead of glorifying the villains.

5) Married story

A married story released in 2019 comes at number six. This drama was written based on the so divorce from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh in the lead roles are Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver to the great supportive.

A couple going through a messy divorce creative extremes six nominations and 92nd Academy Awards.

6) I am Mother

I am Mother starring Claire regard Hilary Swank Rose Byrne as the voice of the mother.  Stories about a girl in a post-apocalyptic bugger being raised by a robot named mother who was designed to repopulate early after the extinction of humankind others, perhaps we both devices on this list. You’ll either love it or hate it.

7) The Two Popes

Pope Benedict and Pope Francis ground Forge A New Path for the Catholic Church. Whether you’re a Catholic or not watching true Legends like Hopkins and price to work. Their magic is reason enough to watch this film and it’s more entertaining than you would think.

Top 3 here are some honorable mentions that just may be worth your time

  • 6 Underground
  • Lost Girls
  • Velvet buzzsaw
  • The High Birds
  • The Perfection
  • El Camino

We know Breaking Bad and steel Western crime Thriller follows Fugitive. Jesse Pinkman and the events that took place immediately following the series finale of the hit TV Show Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan. Eric calls also back what this fight is performances cries in his role as Jesse Pinkman along with many other familiar with the runner-up spot is mine.

You haven’t seen Dolomite this by name yet. Add this to your watch list right now.

Spot coming in at number one is our favorite movie in 2019 at the crime drama is directed and produced by Martin Scorsese. The plot follows Frank Sheeran played by Robert De Niro who was the hitman called the mobster Russell bufalin played bike Joe Pesci the film also covers Prince involvement in the 1975 disappearance of longtime friend and Powerful Kingsford. Jimmy Hoffa played by Al Pacino runtime for the Irishman is a whopping three and a half hours and worth every minute debriding acting at cinematography or all pop dots and without any doubt.

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