Top Adventurous places of Pakistan to visit in 2020

According to the backpacker society of the British, Pakistan comes at the third spot for the highest potential adventure travel destination for 2020.

So, if you are planning any trip this year, Pakistan would be the ideal place for you to visit.

All you need to do is to contact the best traveling app in Pakistan and pre-book for an ideal adventure trip because it will provide you an ease to cover the places in Pakistan more patiently and in a synchronized way.

Pakistan provides every local and international tourist a bunch of unforgettable road trips, beautiful cultures, and hospitable people around different places.

The country is considered as a travel gem and the best adventurous destination in the world for 2020.

Whether we talk about the northern region, the coastal regions, or the southern region, you will experience a variety of adventurous environments in each place.

Without any further ado, let’s start talking about these places below.

List of Adventurous Places in Pakistan


If you feel the adventure by trekking on beautiful mountain places, then kalam would be heaven for you. Imagine the time when you wake up to this area, breathe-in around the healthy air, and experience the beautiful lush greenery of mountains surrounded by you.

It’s one of the best life experiences for any travel, which is possible in this place.

It will create joy in your mind, and the best adventure starts when you head towards the trekking side.

The ideal time to visit this place is in the summers, but you can also consider winter weather as well.

However, plan your trip through a traveling app in Pakistan provides you the chance to visit other famous places near the kalam valley like bay, USHU valley, Mahodand lake, and atrar valley.

Noshaq Peak:

Those of you who are interested in climbing in the mountains can visit this adventurous mountain climbing place. On your first visit to the noshaq peaks, you will get the climbing training services from the training club that exists in this place.

It’s one of the ideal places where you can enhance your experience for adventure travel in Pakistan.

Malam Jabba:

Those of you who want to experience Skiing in the winter season of Pakistan can visit this place. It’s located at the top place, and also consider as the only ski resort available in Pakistan.

On your first visit to this place, you will experience the rush of people for skiing purposes. There are also notable places in Malam Jabba, such as six monasteries and two Buddhist stupas.

The presence of these historical religious places in such the highest location gives an idea that this place was inhabited around two thousand years ago.

Swat River: 

Where else you would find the memorable adventure of your like experience the river rifting. The swat river in Pakistan provides ideal weather throughout the year for tourists to experience an adventure by doing river rafting in Pakistan.

On your first visit, you can book your trip to cheap rates through a traveling app in Pakistan for this place. Moreover, you can also explore other amazing places in swat, which is also ideal for all travelers on their first visit to Pakistan.

Hindu Kush, Pamir, Karakoram:

Pakistan is blessed with some beautiful mountains that are ideal for trekking. The Hindu Kush is one of those beautiful mountains that should be included in your adventure travel list for Pakistan in 2020.

Because of the beautiful landscape that you will be going to experience in this place will give you a sort of satisfaction and courage to explore all the other hidden adventurous places near to this area as well.

Charna Island:

This beautiful island is located in the Balochistan coastal line of Pakistan. You can visit this place by taking a domestic flight to Karachi.

It’s good to contact a booking app in Pakistan for some discount on tickets, so you could spend the extra remaining money on exploring other adventurous places.

After reaching to Karachi, you will need to travel for a well-known beach picnic spot. When reaching this place, the adventure starts by traveling for more than one hour of boating distance for this island.

The island is in the heart of the sea, so you just need to cover this distance through boating. The charna island is well-known for scuba and cliff diving.

Moreover, the ideal time for you to visit this place is summer because the island tends to be closed in the winter seasons due to the sharks that mostly found in this place.

Deosai Plains:

Those of you who have never tried catching fishes in their life can experience adventure in the deosai plains.

It’s the best place for you to visit and enjoy whatever you would love about to do in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Deosai plains are situated in the amazing and unique landscapes of Pakistan, which is also considered as unique across the world.


Karachi is a well-known place in Pakistan, which has a lot of recognition across the world. With over one crore of population, it’s considered as the biggest and populated city of Pakistan, also comes in the top 3 ranking list for the most populated city in the world.

Although, the city is well-known for its rich cuisine, and vast cultural peoples, but there is an amazing adventurous experience for you as well on your first visit to this place.

Parasailing is one of the popular sport that is well-known among adventurous peoples or elites. You can also experience the parasailing sports environment on your first visit to Karachi.

Note: There are many other places that are ideal for adventurous travels we might not discuss in this article, and on your first visit, you may also get to explore them as well.

The reason for sharing this article was to give you a glimpse of the above-mentioned places, so you can get satisfied with Pakistan to be your next destination.

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