Top Educational Apps for Android Tablets

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Looking for the best educational apps to use with your student? We all know about the entertainment apps available for Android tablets, but you would be surprised at the number of quality educational apps that are available for your tablet. While some of them are free to download and use, several still require you to purchase the app. If you’re an Android tablet user, check out the following apps.

US Geography Quiz

Great for students who are struggling in geography, US Geography Quiz will test your student’s knowledge of states, capitals, landmarks, deserts and parks within the United States. The app plays like a game, giving your student an incentive to see a higher score each time they start the app. Developer Brett Plummer did well with this one, as US Geography Quiz is as smooth and efficient an app as you’ll find.


Have you ever wished you could contact your student’s teachers after hours to verify assignments and deadlines, or just to clarify instructions? Thanks to Edmodo, now you can! This fun app makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. With the ability to send notes, post replies, and check messages and events, Edmodo allows you to stay connected away from the classroom. A must have for any Android tablet-using student.

Algebra Tutor

A great free app in the Android Market, Algebra Tutor is an excellent app to help you practice and learn pre-algebra and Algebra topics and subjects. The app walks you through step-by-step solutions to help your student see where the mistake was made. Algebra Tutor also allows you to see your stats for every problem type. With 35 practice concepts ranging from fraction addition to finding prime numbers to two-step linear equations using integers, Algebra Tutor is a must have app for anyone whose student is in, or nearing, algebra.


An easy-to-use free app, Evernote helps you stay organized across all of your devices. record voice reminders, Evernote is the ultimate secretary in your tablet. You can search everything you create in the app, regardless of the device you’re using, keeping you on top of the ball no matter the circumstance.

50 languages

Rather self-explanatory, the 50 languages app allows you to learn 50 different languages. Successfully combining audio and text, 50 languages makes it simple to learn fluently speak short sentences you would use in real-world situations in a very short amount of time. Here’s another list of great language apps.

Logic Gates-Flip Learning

Brought to you by FlipMyCards, this app is great for any student who is looking for an edge in studying for that big exam. Flip Learning is a flashcard app that helps students prepare for exams in math, writing and critical reading. A go-to app, Flip Learning is a fun, easy to understand app that will help your student develop great study habits.

AndroMedia Video Editor

Designed to be intuitive to use, AndroMedia Video Editor is a full-feature video editing program for creating professional looking videos in a matter of minutes. Able to export videos in standard or high definition, trim and combine video and audio files in separate editors, and apply an array of effects and transitions, this app is a must for every student who is even remotely interested in video can make videos and also upload it to project free tv It’s easy to use layout and ability to upload videos directly to YouTube make it one of the best video editing apps available.

Color Note Notepad

A simple notepad app, Color Note gives you a simple and efficient notepad editing experience whenever you write notes, memos, messages, emails, to-do lists, and much more. Allowing you to organize notes by color, organize your schedule in the calendar, syncing between your phone and tablet, and checklists for shopping and to-do lists, Color Note is one of the best apps out there to help your student stay organized.

Broken Calculator

Making math fun for your student, you can help Calci the calculator solve math problems without using his broken keys. The goal of the app is to solve a math problem and reach a certain number with a limited set of numbers and some available operations in as few steps as possible. Tougher than one might think, using a broken calculator to come to a solution is a great way to improve a student’s math skills while having fun. With three modes to help you practice, play, and customize Calci, Broken Calculator is perfect to help your student develop their math skills.


So guys these Educational apps for android Tablet is best to learn new things in your life and hope these apps will also helps you to learn new things.If you still have any query then please ask in comment section

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