Top Five Things to Do in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley

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You could be a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, or an adventure freak; there is a lot to do for every kind of person who visits the popular Hunter Valley in Australia. Travellers who want to satiate their taste buds will love this place. There is a lot to explore and experience on vacation.

So, let us not stretch your curiosity and learn more about top things to do in Hunter Valley. You can plan your Hunter valley tour from Sydney, tag some friends or siblings, and head for a memorable vacation-cum-adventure tour.

  • Explore the wine country 

Being home to almost 150 wineries, the Hunter Valley is an amazing place for every wine lover. You can even attend a wine-making class and learn some of the rarest skills of the world. The course enlightens you with the entire process of winemaking. Or you can go for a quick cocktail mastery class wherein you will learn to make world-class cocktails. If you often host parties at your home, then ought to master the elegant art of making cocktails (and impress your guests too). Your Hunter Valley Tour company will provide you with the best course details.

  • Experience the Hot Air Balloon adventure 

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This adventure is safe to do, and simple yet offers mesmeric views of the Hunter Valley. If you are a nature admirer; you can try this out and admire the true beauty of Australia. We suggest you do this activity during sunrise and fill your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures. Couples can celebrate their anniversary in this adventure-cum-romantic experience. It could be your tenth wedding anniversary or annual dating anniversary.

  • Go for a hike 

If food is not your thing, but the adventure is your life passion, then go for a hike in the Barrington Tops National Park. Surprisingly, this place offers several hikes. and you can have the liberty to choose from these lovely places. Whichever trail you choose, you will be guaranteed with greenery, waterfalls, trees, rarely found plants, flowers, and even wildlife. If you spot a kangaroo on this hike, your trip will become a memorable part of your life.

  • Visit the Art Gallery 

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Oh, art lovers out there, we have something for you! You can escape from the adventurous trails and escapes, and spend your quality time in the Newcastle Art Gallery instead. Explore, ponder, reflect on the contemporary art pieces displayed in this gallery. Art galleries are frequently visited by grown-ups, but this place is an exception.

Even kids can enjoy at this place and participate in a holiday workshop. This place has everything for everyone in the family, so you cannot miss out the fun. The informative audio tour is the best way to explore this gallery and seek insights at this place. Want a bite of your favourite snack? Then, head towards the café that serves delicious foods and beverages.

  • Trot mindlessly at the Gardens 

The Hunter Valley Gardens are the perfect places to reflect on your life and come out with creative ideas. If you are a writer, thinker, painter, or artist, then you should visit this place without having any proper agenda. Families can have a great time travelling on the little train, and kids would love the Storybook Garden. Each aspect of these gardens is fantastic and has new to offer to its visitors.

So, Hunter Valley is a perfect place to enjoy your vacation time and spend memorable moments with your loved ones. Have a meticulous plan to enjoy numerous activities, or don’t have an agenda at all. The choice is yours, as there will be something brilliant awaiting for you!

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