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UX research is the examination of user needs and their requirements. Before developing a product the organization looks into the customer needs, what features they want in a product, how they would like to avail the service, what factors we can add to an existing product to make it more customer-centric. User research takes account of these methods in designing and developing the product. 

Top companies like Google, Amazon hire UX researchers to carry out this job. They work out along with the data scientists and understand customer’s behavior towards a product. Starting from the initial point like how they approach the product, what points customers they consider while buying it, was the price satisfactory to them, how they like to purchase it. 

UX Research Example

Understanding it with an example will give a clear picture of what UX research is all about. It’s like a company’s job recruitment process. They look at the portfolio or resume of candidates, what qualities they possess that fits the job. Should we test them as an intern and then employ full time. So, it gives a clear understanding. 

Quality Research and Quantitative Research

Everyone knows leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients, but kids generally avoid them. Here, vegetables fulfill the quality research demand but lack of quantitative research. Thus before designing a product, both quality and quantity are taken into consideration. Quality UX Research involves the property and features that will be included in the product, e.g. testing and expert reviews. Quantitative UX Research involves the number of persons who are ready to accept the changes and designs. Examples include surveys and polls.

User Experience VS Customer Service VS Customer Experience

The above three terms are often confused with each other while they all have different meanings. UX research categories them in the following order

Customer Experience: Both user experience and customer service form the customer experience. As defined above, customer experience involves right from the product approach to the end of service with the customer. 

User Experience: The interaction between the product and the user is the user experience. Your friend may praise you for your latest smartphone but does not how hard it was for you to get it. In this case, the user experience was excellent, but the customer experience was not satisfactory.

Customer Service: Well, if you have bought the phone easily and found it convenient to use then it fulfills both user experience, but what if the customer service agent refuses to accept your complaint request. It is an example of bad customer service. So, customer experience is based on user experience and customer service. Strategic UX research will look into these factors to maintain the customer. 

Thus, it is one of the reasons why tech-industries, electronic companies focus more on design, user adaptability, and engagement. If you observe that the recent design changes have increased your sales and you are getting high ROI (Return of Investment), then you have adopted a successful UX research strategy.

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