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For a living doesn’t sound like a bad gig, right? In fact, tech junkies around the world are looking at programming, designing and testing new games as a plausible career path. With entertainment jobs in Chicago and other progressive cities constantly being created, and this explosive point in video game history- with graphics, functionality, and technology the brighest they’ve ever been- there are more chances than ever to forge new trials and test new technologies in the industry.Video game gurus gathered recently at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The overwhelming buzz at the E3 conference was that a single-screen experience is just not cutting it anymore for game players in today’s world.

As such, major companies are setting the bar high with multiple screen platforms that interact for additional content. Production jobs in Los Angeles are up as some of these companies develop new devices for even more unique game play (others are utilizing existing technology such as tablets and cell phones.) Attendees of the expo were able to test some of the upcoming games that span multiple devices and users, such as ‘LittleBigPlanet 2,’ where players engaged in this “cross-play” functionality – one player tapped the top of the screen to drop eggs through a chute, and others used PlayStation3 remotesto try to catch them. Other examples include using tablets as maps in adventure games and cell phones as remotes for web browsing.If you could see yourself working in this fun and innovative industry, check out the open job postings for Video Game Character Animator and Video Game Designer (with more listings being added all the time!) at If video game tech writing is more your speed, there are also lots of postings for journalism jobs in Chicago, New York and more!

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