Wax Vaporizers 2020.


According to studies, the global vaping industry’s worth is expected to hit about 30 million dollars by 2022. Considering the worth of this industry was 14.05 million dollars in 2018, this growth will be exponential. 

Nowadays, vape devices, including wax vaporizers, are too diverse in the market. Thus, you need to familiarize yourself with the various options, specifications, and features of wax vaporizers. Familiarity with all terms related to a wax vaporizer is particularly important before you order one from an online store.

What is a wax vaporizer?

A wax vaporizer is a device used for vaporizing and vaping wax concentrates. It is mostly used for vaping cannabis wax concentrates, but you can also use it for tobacco wax concentrates.

A wax vaporizer integrates a battery, heating chamber, coil, and mouthpiece to do its work. The coil utilizes electrical power from the battery to heat the wax concentrate till it evaporates. A chamber in a wax vaporizer holds the wax concentrate to be vaporized. The cannabis or tobacco rich vapor created by the wax vaporizer is tapped at the mouthpiece for ingestion.


Types of wax vaporizers’ coils.

Coils are the most significant part of wax vaporizers. They let you enjoy the authentic flavor and cloud size of your vapor. There are three main types of coils that you can find in any wax vaporizer:

  1. Quartz coils
  2. Ceramic coils
  3. Titanium coils

Each type of coil has its pros and cons. Quartz coils are renowned for their fast heat-up time, but they cool down faster than the other types of coils. On the other hand, ceramic coils won’t guarantee to vape instantly because their heat up time is bigger. However, the heat retention of ceramic coils is excellent, which means you will vape for an extended period. Titanium coils are designed to average the best of both the quartz and ceramic coils.

How long does the coil of a wax vaporizer last?

The longevity of the coil in your wax vaporizer depends on the intensity of your vaping sessions if you are a heavy user, the coil of your wax vaporizer for a lesser period than that of a casual user.

You can know when it is appropriate to replace the coil in your wax vaporizer if you start constantly inhaling a burnt smell. Also, when there is a decline in vapor quality and vapor, you should replace your coil.

What are the advantages of using wax vaporizers?

Compared to the other methods of ingesting cannabis or nicotine, wax vaporizers have the following benefits:

  • They offer great flavor (wax vaporizers create flavored vapor enriched with cannabis or nicotine, which make your experience enjoyable.)
  • They do not smell (compared to traditional smoking, wax vaporizers produce very little or no odor. They are very discreet devices that will be less bothering the people around you.)
  • They are safe for use. ( rather than burning a concentrate (combustion), wax vaporizers heat your concentrates and convert them directly to vapor. By avoiding combustion, wax vaporizers can eliminate harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide.)
  • They are user-friendly (wax vaporizers feature innovative and attractive designs/ features that make them very easy to use. They feature temperature settings that allow you to customize your vaping experience. You can even control some wax vaporizers using Apps on your smartphone.)
  • They can save you money ( while wax vaporizers are an initial investment, they are very efficient devices (none of your wax concentrates would go to waste) 
  • They can be taken on the go (wax vaporizers are available in different sizes. Depending on your needs, you can find a small portable wax vaporizer or a bigger desktop vaporizer in the stores.)

Where can I buy a wax vaporizer?

Most wax vaporizers are sold in online stores, which makes them virtually near your reach. You can visit an online wax vaporizer store and study the ratings/ reviews for each wax vaporizer available. Once you find your ideal wax vaporizer in an online store, you can make an order, and it will be delivered to your doorstep or location.

You may also be lucky enough to find a physical shop in your locality that sells wax vaporizers.

Key takeaway.

You can only use a wax vaporizer if it is legal in your country and also if you have attained the legal age (at least 21 years). When you are above this age, it means that you have developed fully. Several reports have shown that many underage teenagers are users of wax vaporizers, which can hinder their development.

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