Published On: Wed, May 1st, 2019

What Are Some Unique Birthday Gifts Ideas?

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When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones for their birthdays, sometimes you literally get frustrated. This is because you are unsure about the gift that will actually please them honestly. Although there are multiple online stores who have expertise and proficiency in putting up items, which are catchy still you find it a problem. Therefore, for your help to your surprise, we have listed some of the fantastic and unique birthday gifts.

Glossy Coffee Mug – Whenever it’s the birthday of your brother you actually get so tensed because most of the time you are much confused about his liking. But last year you actually got a unique birthday gift for him. It was a glossily finished coffee mug with a beautiful print on it. And the most remarkable is the glossy golden glow on the body of the mug. The best thing about the gift is that it is very much safe to use on microwaves as well.

Traveling Journal – Your boyfriend is an avid traveller. He is, in fact, a travel blogger so he needs to wander from here and there. Therefore this year for his birthday you got a wonderful stunning birthday pick. Although the idea was simple the gift was a coffee brown colored travel journal. Your boyfriend was too much excited about the gift as inside it has the page refillable option. In addition to that, the outer cover of the journal was made of PU leather. And it was equally soft to touch as well.

DumbleShaped Water Bottle – You have a small brother and who has just passed his board exam. So he is no more than little one therefore for his birthday this year you got a beautiful water bottle for him. But the uniqueness of the bottle was that it was a dumble shaped bottle. You actually got the blue colored one as he likes this color very much. It is noteworthy that the bottle was designed to hold up to 550 ml of water. Therefore it is a distinguished yet functional birthday pick.

Chocolate With Health – The birthday of your mother is almost knocking. So now you are jotting down things that you can actually get for your mother. And one thing that instantly caught your attention is a basket full of chocolates. But again you want to add some healthy items to the basket as well so that she cares about her health as well. Therefore to go with that you got a mango juice from Frooty, apple juice from B natural as well. In addition to all these items a box of Ferrero rocher, HandliramPanchratan, alubhujia is also there. It truly made your mom as happy as she got so many things in one package.

Beauty Body Care – Your wife is a working lady, so you can imagine how busy she stays all throughout the day. In fact, every day she almost juggles between home and office work. Therefore in the midst of all these she does not get that proper time to groom and take care of her beauty. So this year on her birthday you thought to make a unique addition to her beauty regime and for that, you got a lovely complete range of hamper gifts. The one you got is from Nivea brand and it has Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant Nivea Body Lotion 250 ml Nivea Whitening Deodorant 150 ml Nivea Smooth Milk Body 400 ml Nivea Pure Talc 400 gm Nivea Refreshing Face wash 75 ml Nivea Face Cleanup 50 ml Nivea Lip Guard 4.8 gm Nivea Soft Cream 100 ml Nivea Cream 100 ml. Undoubtedly this made her heart fill with love for you. Thus, these are a few unique birthday gifts. 

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