What fur do you need?

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Since the beginning of time, fur has been nature’s elegant answer to winter. Nowadays, fur does more than just keep us warm. Fur has become a huge fashion symbol and could be a fabulous addition to any form of clothing. It can be seen on coats, jackets, hats, and even shoes. But there are so many types of fur that sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between them. These are the most popular types of fur and what you need to know about them.

  • Beaver: Originating from Europe and North America, beaver fur is a popular type of fur because of its durability, water resilience, and fashionable look. Beaver fur can either come in its natural form, where it has a long wire-like hair with thick underfur for a more masculine look, or in its plucked form, which has a thick velvety feel making it look very classy. Beaver fur is extremely warm and can be used for making hats, coats, scarves, jackets, and more.
  • Chinchilla: This is one of the most expensive furs today just because of the amazing quality of the fur. It is thick, soft, and still very light. The fur is very fragile and must be given the utmost care if it is to keep its beauty and soft feel for a long time. It is a very luxurious fur and is an extreme fashion statement. It can be used for jackets, coats, and even blankets.
  • Fox: Fox fur is moderate in its price compared to the other furs. It comes in a wide range of colors which makes it very popular. It weighs very little and it has a silky feeling. Fox fur is almost perfect for any occasion, it can keep you very warm but also look great on a night out. It is quite durable, although it requires regular cleaning.
  • Mink: This is possibly the most popular type of fur as it strikes a perfect balance between durability, warmth, quality, and style. It is extremely versatile, coming in different styles and can be dyed any color. It is silky soft, has a short hair nap, and is also very light. It is very fashionable in both casual and formal situations. Mink can be used to make hats, scarves, jackets, and many more things. My personal favorites are the Talia and Regina because they could go with just about anything.
  • Rabbit: Rabbit fur can be found worldwide and that helps in making it one of the cheapest furs you can buy. It also comes in a wide range of colors and it can be dyed almost any color. Rabbit fur has a thick plush texture quite similar to the chinchilla as it has a velvety soft underfur. It is very warm and soft so it is perfect for coats, vests, hats, and jackets.
  • Sable: Sable fur is extremely rare and expensive. It could either be Russian, which is more expensive, or Canadian. Sable garments are very flashy and trendy, making them even bigger fashion statements. Sable is scarce, lightweight, silky, and durable. It requires professional care for it to last long.

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