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Where Can You Study Abroad For FREE?

Where Can You Study Abroad For FREE?

Many of the students in the field of medical education face many problems related to get admission in a good medical college. There are very less seats in the government college due to which many student have to search for the private universities. Most of students are unable to get admission because of the high donation that are asked by the private universities. So in these type of situation, it’s better for a student to get admission in foreign medical college in Russia as there are many universities that offers MBBS at an affordable price.

There are many situations when the students are not able to afford the fees and the accommodation charges. So they are not able to pursue their dreams and hence they need a lot of support. Every student wish to pursue the MBBS in Russia as the universities in Russia provide the high quality education to the students all across the globe.Students sometimes want to pursue MBBS in Russia and that too free of cost.

There are even some foreign medical universities that offer medical education free of cost and also quality of medical education is served. The process of getting admission in foreign universities is very easy and is also hassle free. There are some of the foreign medical colleges in which a student does not need to pass any entrance tests like ILETS or TOEFL. The student who doesn’t get admission in Indian medical government college then they can go for the best foreign medical colleges. The MBBS in Russia is of 6 years and the students can get scholarship for all the 6 years. There are various scholarships that Indian students can apply for and pursue MBBS in Russia free of cost. The students have to meet certain eligibility criteria to get the scholarship. In some of the cases the students even need to appear for the test so as to obtain the scholarship.

Here are the ways by which one get scholarship and pursue MBBS in Russia:


The government of Russia provides scholarships to the foreign students who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia. The government of Russia has decided a set number of scholarships that are provided to the international students every year with free tuition, accommodation and maintenance allowance. In 2019 the maximum number of scholarships were awarded and the number of scholarships awarded was 15000.


Here are the steps for how to apply for the scholarship to pursue MBBS in Russia:

Step 1:

The first important step is to contact the united operator in India and get all the information related to the scholarship provided by the Russia. The number of scholarships available for the Indian students depends only on the relation of a country with Russia. There are lots of seats available for the Indian students for scholarship for pursuing MBBS in Russia.

Basically an operator in India would be a:

  • A Rossotrudnichestvo officer;
  • OR representative at the Embassy of Russia;
  • OR A Russian Embassy.

Step 2:

Now the next step is to register on the website and fill the electronic form. Do not forget to fill all the necessary details.

While filling out the form the students can choose up to six universities and where they would prefer to pursue their MBBS in Russia. The students have to opt only for three colleges and not more than three. One college should be in one Federal Constituency: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Step 3:

Now after submitting the application form the invitation is sent to the students regarding the subsequent procedure. All the relevant details will be displayed on the website. A test will also be conducted so as to evaluate all the students.

Step 4:

Now search for your name on the list of candidates that will be displayed on the website based on the results of test or the examination. This list would be published on the official website of the united operator in the country India.

Step 5:

After the confirmation of the name in the list, then start preparing the documents. The medical certificate is mandatory for the admission to pursue MBBS in Russia. Several other documents are also needed to take admission in the prestigious university of Russia.

Step 6:

After completing all the steps the next step is to wait for the confirmation letter from the university. The letter will contain all the necessary information about your next steps.


The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS)

The school of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) provides scholarships to Indian students to study in abroad.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships 

The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship offers around 2900 scholarships and that costs around US $5000 for the interns that are located abroad.

BP in Russia Research Scholarships 

The students get scholarships of around RUB 15,000 – 35,000 (~US$240-560) every month. But the students should have good grades and have good academic performance so as to continue with their scholarships.

American Councils Scholarships 

There are many scholarships in Russian language training and research in Russia. Title VIII Research Scholar Program is one of such programs where students get the opportunity to get involved in the independent research for around 3-8 months in the selected countries. The countries will be in Central Asia or Eastern Europe and Russia is one of the countries.

Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project 

Open Doors is a scholarship project in which the students from any country get the scholarships for pursuing MBBS in Russia. This scholarship is offered by the Russian Association of Global Universities.

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