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Where to retire in Panama

Where to retire in Panama

It’s no secret that Panama is drawing increasing numbers of baby boomers, pre-retirees and fully-fledged retired citizens from around the world. It has so much to offer, (including its own Pensionado program), to entice expats to relocate to Panama.

But where is the best place to retire to in Panama? After all, the nation spans first world cities, stunning coastal locations on the Caribbean and the Pacific, and some mountain communities too, which offer some of the best views in the world.

The answer will lie in what you’re seeking in retirement – whether you want a vibrant place to call home, in reach of the country’s best amenities, or whether you want to be far off the beaten track or within walking distance of the sea…

Here are a few of my favourite places to consider for your retirement in Panama:

Panama City itself – especially the El Cangrejo community. You’ll find everything within easy reach if you choose to live in the city, which the locals simply call Panama.

From international restaurants to vibrant day and nightlife, from rich culture to fascinating architecture and history – everything is right on your doorstep.

You’ll also find first world healthcare in Panama, and you will be within easy reach of the main airport to get you to and from any international destination you choose.

If you prefer beach living what about Coronado?

It has a lively expat community already, and is popular with those who choose to retire to Panama mainly for the weather and the landscape.

What you get in Coronado makes up for the slightly inflated property prices I feel – you’re just an hour from Panama City, you’re in a beautiful setting with some of the best weather in Panama, and you can really live the dream retirement in Coronado.

Alternatively, if you want slightly cooler temperatures, less humid conditions, fewer fellow expats and inimitable mountain vistas try Boquete.

This relatively rural and small community blends peace and quiet with decent facilities and amenities. There’s an annual jazz festival, a local golf course, and Boquete is a hub for those who love outdoor pursuits – from hiking and biking to bird watching and gardening.

With only about 20,000 inhabitants Boquete is an easy place to establish your retirement abroad and make a new home for yourself.

The key things to remember about Panama are that you will need to learn Spanish to get the very most out of your new life, and you will need to be active in seeking out new friends and acquaintances.

Moving abroad in retirement is a dream for many of us, and with careful planning and dedicated commitment to integrate and make essential new connections, it’s a dream that can come true and reap you plenty of lifestyle rewards.

If you want to retire to Panama it will be well worth taking a long reconnaissance trip to get to know the nation – and I hope the above suggestions give you some food for thought about where you could retire to in Panama.

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