Which Is Better:Contact Lens Versus Laser Eye Surgery?

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Since ages, the battle had been between contact-lens or glasses! We remember of going through a phase, when glasses signified that the person was a nerd; while contact lenses were considered height of fashion. That too is passé. With the advent of eye surgery, even the need for contact lenses are becoming obsolete. Get freedom from the maintenance hassles that contact lenses bring along! Head for laser eye surgery; but ensure that you trust a good institute and doctor.Eye surgery at George St Eye Centre is what you need to look for! This is because the reputed eye centres have numerous high grade eye surgeons. They will help you live an independent life! Why stay constrained behind specs or contact lens? Go live a free life!


Contact Lens vs Laser Eye surgery Who Wins the Battle

Feeling uncertain about heading into surgery? No problem! We are here to offer you the pros and cons. After that you will be able to see the benefits of going in for laser eye surgery! Here they are:

Contact Lens

The contact lenses are nothing but corrective lens! Here are their pros and cons:

Pros of Contact Lens

These can be an awesome alternative to glasses. They eliminate the chance of glasses falling off; and the best part is that the contacts do not hinder your fashion statement (as per many people’s opinion).
You get better curvature, so a better field of vision is available. The frame of the glasses is not there to hinder your view.
No restriction to follow hobbies like different sports activities.

Cons of Contact Lens

Have you seen anybody putting on contact lens?! Can you imagine yourself putting your fingers in your eyes? If you are squeamish, it can be a difficult task putting on the lens!
You need to maintain them in clean solution! Forget once, and you are done for. You will have to deal with all kinds of eye infection. The pain, oh the pain (not to forget the look of your eyes)!
Contacts lenses dry out and may even fall out! Do you really want to deal with all of that? You will have to carry the lens case and solution. The extra baggage is very irritating at times!
Just make a mental note that contact lens need to go back in the solution and off your eyes after a certain time. So, they are a short-term solution!
Do not even think of falling asleep with your contact lenses on, you will definitely get an eye infection.
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 Laser Eye Surgery

This kind of surgery is known to solve short-sightedness and long-sightedness!

Pros of Laser Eye Surgery

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses! It is a permanent solution! The vision may change, but not drastically. You will not have to change anything, unlike glasses and contact lenses.
No need to carry lens solution or the lens case! Just imagine the reduced baggage, you will have to carry. You can step out with the baggage you would normally carry.
Whether it is school or party, you will feel confident in facing colleagues, friends and family! No nerdy glasses in family photos. Wow, the confidence starts to ooze out of your personality.
You just need to take care for a few days post surgery! After that you are a free bird. No tension about infection.

Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

Eyes may feel a little dry post surgery, but with a few drops of eye drop (provided by your surgeon) it shall pass away.
There will be no complications if you find a good eye centre and an experienced eye surgeon!
Hopefully, now you have understood the benefits of having eye surgery. Why settle for a temporary solution, when you can get rid of the problem permanently? Find a reputed clinic and correct your eyesight permanently!

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