Who is the highest value of the hand and where is the team going?

Who is the highest value of the hand and where is the team going?

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The Hungarian men’s handball team finished fifth in the 2021 World Championships and posted the third most successful ranking in its history. The team started impressively against the French in the quarterfinals, and three minutes before the end, at a three-goal disadvantage, they showed a strength we saw a long time ago, the equalization came, though the overtime was already dominated by the French. The former national team player, sports TV expert Attila Borsos, was asked to classify.

Borsos generally felt it was good to face the development, the national team jumped another level compared to his game at the European Championships last year, when, for example, he advanced from his group in front of Denmark.

According to Borsos, this jump is not only due to it, because Máté Lékai was now in the team compared to last year’s European Championships. After four years, the national team has made it into the top eight, and in 2023 it will be a real challenge to maintain this position it has just achieved, but there is every chance for it. Then the fifth place could reach the Olympic qualifiers. (The team is no longer competing for this year’s Olympics.)

Contributing to the success was the fact that the Hungarian crew, Captain István Gulyás and Chema Rodriguez and László Nagy were able to add tactically to the game, and they foresaw many situations. However, the team’s classification will follow from Attila Borsos, starting from the gate on a scale from extreme to extreme.

Mikler Roland: 8

The goalkeeper at this World Cup showed that he was ripe for a true classic. It doesn’t really matter what percentage is next to his name because he defended well when he had to, when he was important, he gave support to the team. He started the match against the French superbly, attracted the balls, read the shots, knew what solution he would choose from the opponent in Kentin Mahé ziccer. The Hungarian goalkeeper got decisive merits in the end, that the equalization was successful, because he still disposed of some balls. He absolutely grew into the role of the number one goalkeeper. Márton Székely had less opportunities, he is not spoiled in his club either.

Pedro Rodriguez: 5.5

Taking advantage of the extreme situation is not yet real. As an excuse, he was with the national team for the first time, and the winger of the Hungarian national team usually does not always get as many balls as the winger of another national team. He got a lot of balls against the French, but he also made a lot of mistakes. He might have taken advantage of his positions more confidently against another opponent, and he has a better day, we don’t know that anymore. On the other hand, the fact that he was first in the confusing defense, in the 5 + 1 formation, we can play this with him, which makes the team variable, and this is important for the future. It’s uncomfortable for a 197-centimeter to cling to a controller like a leech and swing as well as move well on his feet. This is not the size you are used to in that position. It was Viktor Hornyák’s replacement, to whom we would give a high five. Savior is structurally if there is a height difference between the two extremes,

Máthé Dominik: 7

We found a great shooter who only spoiled his tenth penalty, though it was the most serious stake in the extra time against the French at the time. A lot has come out of it now, at the age of 21, but it will definitely have an even better tournament. Not only did he have flashes, and he still stayed in it. His shots not only pop out of his hands and shoot him back, he has awareness in him. He has a good hand, we’ve known that for two years now, now we’ve also seen he knows more than just one type of shot. Moreover, if the team’s interest requires a replay, it will not blow the ball. His defense has also improved a lot, it has a good effect on him playing in a Norwegian club. His case shows that Hungarian players should not be afraid to go legionary, it is not so much a problem if someone falls out of their comfort zone, and experience the work ethic of a northern country. Norwegians do not cut the lap when running. Gábor Ancsin had a good World Cup, such a performance finally came out of him. (6)

Máté Lékai: 8

I really liked his game. It was universal. If necessary, he prepared well for the shooters, if necessary for the pitcher, and if the situation brought it, he took the shots himself. In less than 10 seconds, he played through the 70-minute game against the French, which was man-trying. His mistakes also slipped in because he is no longer used to playing so much on the field today. It shows on it when you get 100 percent confidence. When Lubomir Vranjes arrived in Veszprém, he gave him the same opportunity, and I think he needs to be sure to trust him and not get off the field after 20 minutes of play. He appreciates the unconditional trust. Your game is constantly being cleaned. There is no such thing as someone never making a mistake. He felt he had to be a leader, he was brave, he knew when to do business. There is no replacement yet, I think the professional staff is already thinking hard about

Bence Bánhidi: 8

His progress is unbroken, a full-extra player, he pulled down 60 minutes against the French and I didn’t see him as so tired. He is among the top three in the world in his position, in the stand, the highest value of the national team. He knows this and can live with it, in the big matches (Germans, French) he didn’t miss a single shot, which supports a good racing figure. In defense, his game is much cleaner than it was a year or two ago. It was replaced by Miklós Rosta (6), who reached the level of being an important additional person. The anti-French gate at 25-26 is likely to go in next year if he works with such humility and develops at such a pace. He could have come out more against the Spaniards, he was insecure in front of the gate.

Adrián Sipos: 7

The Hungarian national team performed well in defense at this world championship, and if we say that, the triple defender, ie Sipos, the specialist, had to play well legally. It shows how much better coaching hands he has in the national team now than, say, two years ago. Ferenc Ilyés also has a good effect on him, the delicacies that his clubmate from Tatabánya knew when he took up this position, he is increasingly incorporating into his own game. He’s no longer the player who pops out of the wall and strikes someone at all costs, retreating cleverly if necessary. The goalkeepers reach forty, it seems the time is also used by the defensive players. He will be 31 years old in March.

Zoltán Szita: 7

He didn’t play badly, and he still stayed in it. Not only is he looking for the gate, but he is also looking for his companions, but he made a good decision by leaving Hungary. In addition, you can learn a lot from Poland from Xavi Sabate at Wisla Plock. Next year’s European Championship could be his if you don’t suffer minor injuries than you do now. It was a pleasure to watch that he could pass without looking at his partner. And he wasn’t embarrassed even if he had to shoot from a distance.

Richard Bodó: 6.5

His game was rippling, with beautiful goals and weaker periods alternating. We do not know how much the coronavirus infection contributed to this. He was in a big tournament with this team for the first time, he had some moves that revealed misunderstanding, time can solve it. The player the opponent fears because he is always a threat. If you have some spoiled shots, you can also turn your performance towards good solutions from one moment to the next.

Bóka Bendegúz: 7.5

He made a shot wrong during the World Cup, which in itself is amazing data. He also flawlessly brought down matches in a series at last year’s European Championships. Today, it is incomprehensible why he was not there at the European Championships in 2018. He can also defend against distractions, but more importantly, he has a good hand in important situations. Sunajko is lower than him, it is also only an advantage if he has to attack.

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