Why A Dedicated Landing Page Is Your Email Campaign’s Best Friend

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Where email marketing nurtures the prospects and pushes them down the sales funnel, dedicated landing pages convert them into customers.

It is a match made in heaven!

Imagine a subscriber who is interested in signing up for your webinar after receiving your announcement email. What he will most likely want is to get a direct link to the registration page where he can get more details and sign up. But instead, the link in your email redirects him/her to your website where he has to search for the event section in order to get the webinar details. Now put yourself here in your subscriber’s shoes and think whether you will follow all the steps required on a website to find the webinar? Most likely not, right?

We live in an era where ease of access is everything. In a pool of emails where tides are always high, if you miss out on making the most out of the moment, it will pass and you may end up losing a lead. With smart consumers, email marketing is also pacing up with hyper-targeted and customized email campaigns.

Email marketing does not only revolve around sending the right message at the right time to the right people but, it is also imperative to add the right action triggers too. You can only expect a conversion when you have provided the right calls-to-action (CTAs) that end up at the desired location. A perfect landing page comprises visual cues, triggers, and other information that instigate action.

With that being said, let’s understand a few reasons why dedicated landing pages are important for email campaigns and what differences they can make.

Reasons why email campaigns need dedicated landing pages

Landing pages are standalone website pages designed to convert a prospect or lead when they land on it. The majority of the time, landing pages are integrated to achieve short-term goals associated with specific email campaign/s. For example, if you want your users to download a whitepaper, the landing page will acquire necessary personal details from the user who lands on it, while for an eCommerce store, a limited-time offer email may land prospects to the specific landing page that displays discounted prices or coupons.

Landing pages help to maximize ROI with all the features they come with. Now that the purpose of a landing page is defined, let’s move on to all the good that email campaigns can achieve by incorporating them.

1. Fewer Distractions Bring Optimal Conversions

As mentioned earlier, landing pages are designed to achieve short-term goals that are in sync with the email campaigns. When you redirect the subscribers to a definite webpage instead of your official website, you can target two birds with a single aim. i) the prospect will find it easy to navigate and take action for his/her desired things – happy customer, and ii) your email conversion rate will increase as a lead will not just open and click, but will also take the triggered action.

Having sent the subscriber to your site, it will surely improve your website traffic, but while in transit, there are chances that you lose the conversions. You need to clearly define the email campaign goals before providing any redirecting links into emails. Check out litmus’ example with its landing page.

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