Why Designers and Architects Always Prefer Laminate Wall Cladding

About a decade ago or so, everyone would seem to be talking about paints, wallpapers, ceramic tiles, and stones when adorning the walls of a property. It was so because they were the only materials available to glam up the walls. Even interior designers and architects would rely on these surfacing materials to furnish the property and display their creativity. But the advancement in construction and remodelling industries have introduced laminate wall cladding—the next big thing in home décor.

Thanks to laminate manufacturers in India, we have an endless collection of laminate sheets in the marketplace to do the job and give walls the look, the feel, and the fusion we want. Over the years, laminates have become the most preferred material for wall surfacing and cladding. In this blog piece, we will be exploring why laminate wall cladding is getting immensely popular among architects and designers across the nation.

A budget-friendly way to adorn walls

Prices are the first thing to consider when upgrading the appearance of a property walls. We cannot move forward without calculating your budget and affordability. Architects and designers are tough negotiators; they know that stones, boards, and ceramic tiles cost a fortune and can be out of the budget of many. So, their liking for laminate wall cladding should come as no surprise to anyone.

Affordability is the key driver towards spurring the demands for laminate sheets. Laminates are undeniably a budget-friendly alternative to other surfacing materials that cost an arm and a leg, plus they add elegance and glamour to the living space.

An endless range of colours, textures, and patterns

Whether you choose decorative laminate or high-pressure one or any other, colours, textures, and patterns never end. They can replicate real-world objects like wood, stones, metals, and anything used as a surfacing material.

The endless range of laminate sheets gives designers and architects ways to soothe their creative instinct. The best thing about laminate wall cladding is that it goes equally well with domestic and commercial settings. It can match any interior and exterior design. They can be installed it in the reception area, lobby, restroom, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere for added elegance and aesthetics.


Another reason designers and architects prefer laminate wall cladding in property is durability. Laminates have the power to last long. Not surprisingly, they can withstand varying temperatures and weather conditions.

They retain their colour, shine, and gloss even for years after installation and do not carry high maintenance costs. Cleaning them is as easy and inexpensive as rubbing the wall with a piece of wet cloth. Also, resistant to water, heat, scratch, and stains, laminates get users the value for money. The installation cost is less than other wall surfacing materials, such as stones, tiles, and plywood. Hardly is there any material that offers both durability and affordability.

Anti-dust and dirt properties

The material we choose for wall décor affects our health. Surfaces with rough textures tend to catch dust and dirt, thus allowing germs colonization and requiring frequent cleanings. They may pose serious health hazards and threats of unhealthy living. That is where laminate wall cladding comes in, credit to laminate manufacturers in India.

Laminate wall cladding will not let this issue persist. It features a glossy, smooth surface, which is easy to clean. Since germs do not accumulate here, you can ensure healthy living. Stains and scratches are no worry either.

Easy and quick installation

Unlike other surfacing materials, such as stones, ceramics, and plywood that require a lot of cutting work and labour, laminate sheets take a matter of days or even hours in some cases to get installed. It, however, depends on the area being covered. The quick installation makes laminate wall cladding preferable among designers and architects.

The low installation cost has been another key driver to increase the demand for laminate wall cladding in homes and commercial spaces. If we choose stones, plywood, and ceramics for wall decor, transportation will be an added cost to pocket. On the contrary, laminate sheets are easy and cost-effective to transport.

Wrap up

Laminate wall cladding can add a touch of class and elegance to any space, whether domestic or commercial. With it, we can be as creative as we can. Laminate sheets do not restrict us from applying any theme and design. They provide us with a cost-effective yet aesthetic way to fuse the coveted style and look into the interiors of any property.

With laminate wall cladding gaining popularity among architects and designers, laminate manufacturers in India are coming up with an all-new range of decorative laminates, high-pressure laminates, glossy laminates, kitchen laminates, and so much more. For an even more extensive and exclusive collection, you can contact Royale Touche, arguably the best laminate brand in India.

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