Why Do Companies Turn to CD Replication?


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Do you know why the compact discs being sold in music stores have such high quality sound? How come that there are probably hundreds of thousands of CDs available, of the same kind, found in various music stores all over the world, yet all produce the best sound quality? Well, the answer is in the process by which these CDs are produced. They are produced through CD replication.

CD replication is the process of reproducing CDs that appeal to companies. This is the method used by various companies wherein an original or master CD is reproduced in hundreds or in thousands. This is not the usual process of reproducing CDs that most people know of because this entails the use of highly advanced equipment.

For one, CD replication does not simply use the ordinary CD-writer. It uses robotic equipment in order to make copies out of the master CD. So you are always assured of accuracy and precision. The reproduced copies would definitely have the quality like that of the original.

One of the things that make the symmetry of the copies exactly like the original’s is the process itself. With CD duplication, copying of data is done by software. The computer would be extracting the data from the master CD, store it temporarily to the computer memory, then write or burn it to a blank CD. So before the actual data is copied onto the blank CD, it passes a lot of processes, which is why errors often happen with CD duplication.

On the other hand, with CD replication, physical copying of the original happens. This means that whatever it is that you can find in the originals, you would be able to find it in the copies. This is why before you go into CD replication, it is best that you make sure that the master copy is perfect. Making an accidental mistake of sending an erroneous original disc would be too costly, especially if the copies you ordered number in thousands.

Of course, if the master copy is in the best and perfect form, you are assured that each of the reproduced copy would also be perfect. You would then be able to use the copies for the purpose that you intended.

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