Why End Screen Is Important For YouTube Videos


YouTube is one of the most sought-after platforms for creating and uploading videos. With over 31 million channels, it provides livelihood or side income to tons of people. A platform which works as a marketing medium for lots of brands, YouTube is certainly changing the scene of marketing.

Starting a channel on YouTube is fairly simple, but succeeding it is challenging. For an established brand, getting subscribers may be easy but engaging them and retaining them takes time and unique features. Most channels focus on content, which is imperative because if you are not providing fresh or unique content, then you cannot show your value to the audience. But content is one part of this game, to engage and increase traffic and ranking of a business, there is one more element which is becoming popular and worthy of your time. That is the outro or end screen.

A YouTube outro is the end part of the video, which not only provides a proper end to a video. But it also provides you with an option to add CTAs to your video. With the help of an outro, you can keep the audience engaged with your channel as it lets you add links to your other video or channel. Moreover, adding links to your website is possible with an end screen which makes it easier for you to lead the audience towards it.

However, a lot of people still do not use outro, but you need to. The requirement of adding an outro is huge, and the reasons for the same are below.

Need for outro

It provides a gentle reminder

When we watch a video, we invest in it, and then we find something else to watch. If outro is not there, we will not get a reminder about subscribing or clicking on the like button. It aids the channel out, and the audience often forgets to do so without a push.

It keeps you ahead of competitors

If you are not putting your video links, YouTube will automatically show video recommendations from other channels. You do not want that. Right? So, start using Canva outro maker and come up with an appealing end screen for your video.

It keeps the audience on the channel

When your viewers spend more time on your channel, exploring it and watching more videos, it increases view and the hours that they spend on the channel. It aids in growing because Google indexes a video where people stay and spend time more. An outro can help you with that as they tactfully place links to other videos of your channel in that video. It increases your chances of getting more views.

Provides CTAs and proper end

When you add an outro to a video, you provide an end to your video. Otherwise, it will look like you ended it abruptly. Also, outro lets you add CTA to the video like asking to subscribe or visiting other videos on your channel and provides a lasting impression towards your channel.

It gives you a distinct sign-off

You can use your brand’s logo and other elements for creating an excellent sign-off for your channel. It provides you with a medium to connect with your audience, and they can resonate with your brand as well.

It helps you in connecting with the audience through social media

In an outro, you can add social media links as well. It helps you establish a connection with the viewers through social media and get to connect with them better.

When avoiding an outro is okay?

There will always be few cases where adding an outro is not appropriate. But they are quite few, so you should know the quickest and appealing way to create an outro, like using Canva outro maker.

  • The few occasion where you can avoid using outro are:
  • Videos which are shorter than three or five minutes
  • If the video doesn’t stylistically fit an outro
  • Video with meme

Tips for creating an appealing end screen

  1. Keep it consistent

When it comes to the outro, being consistent can help you preserve uniformity throughout every video, which helps with brand recognition. Of course, the end credits and CTAs can be different depending upon the video. But to be consistent, keep the background, music, and template the same. It does help to create an outro using Canva outro maker as you can work with the same template with ease.

  1. Keep the length of the outro between 8-10 seconds

The length of the outro matters a lot. You cannot keep it as long as you want, because its job is only to guide people towards the CTA. Do not push the patience of people by keeping it longer than 8-10 seconds.

It is also critical to keep in mind that there are some requirements for putting an outro. And one of them is ensuring that the video is at least long enough to put an outro.

  1. Use white space to make it compelling

If you want people to look at the outro and engage with the CTA or wait for it to come to an end, make it compelling. One way to do that is to use white space in the outro. That means, do not clutter the video with unnecessary images or CTAs. Keep it to the limit and make sure that the visuals you use are subtle, not overwhelming.

  1. The CTAs you use in the end screen should be relevant to the video

The CTA you use in the outro must be relevant to the video. Otherwise, it would not have any impact on the audience.

Including outros is your choice, but we certainly recommend them. It is an exceptional way to end your video and express gratitude to people for watching it. If a person is watching your outro, it means that they are slightly interested in your video. To invest them in your channel, placing an end screen in your outro which shows other videos of the channel or asks them to subscribe is a sure way to grow your channel. So, where necessary, using an outro is something you should never avoid.

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