Why it’s worth your money to invest in first edition books

First edition books are crucial when it comes to book investing. Collectors prize them the most, and current first editions might be easier to come by because you don’t need to get your hands on earlier releases to earn a profit. Within the first several years of publication, new publications may gain a lot of value.

But how can you make a profit on first editions? We discuss some helpful hints, as well as the first edition books to watch for in 2020, according to Goldsboro MD David Headley. Make sure that you have a clear understanding about these facts before investing your money on first edition books. Then you will be able to end up with getting hold of the best first edition books that are available out there. What are the best ways to invest in first edition books?

Check and confirm if there are first edition books

Shapero told us that if you’re serious about buying first edition books, the first step is to follow your heart. If the books you’re collecting are related to your personal hobbies and reading habits, the experience will be much more pleasurable. This method will almost certainly offer your collection a distinct theme, which makes it more appealing to collectors. Listen to important opinion leaders in the book industry who know what novels have long-term investment potential.

There are numerous approaches available for you to follow when you are trying to understand whether a book is truly a first edition book or not. You will need to follow that approach and confirm that the book is a genuine first edition book. It is perfectly fine for you to take your own time. This will help you to stay away from spending your time on a book that is not worth at all.

Check if the first edition book is in good condition

Next, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a high-quality first edition book. Because the physical state of a book influences its sale price, buying from a trustworthy bookstore who delivers books in their best condition is critical – especially when shopping online. All of our books are professionally wrapped in protective film at Goldsboro Books to preserve the dust wrapper before being wrapped in a substantial amount of bubble wrap to protect it during shipping. Nobody wants a book that has been harmed.

Rely on the professionals

Joining a respected first edition book subscription managed by individuals who understand the book collecting industry is one method to enhance your chances of getting a book that will offer you a high return. Before you join, search for evidence that past book purchases have increased in value and select a membership at a reasonable monthly fee to limit risk to a minimum.

The Goldsboro Premier first edition book subscription costs £24.99 per month and has a track record of selecting high-value books, with their book of the month selections dubbed “investment pieces” due to their proclivity for becoming book prize nominees and winners, or being adapted into feature films, both of which have a significant impact on their value.

The work “Half of the Yellow Sun,” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, was featured in Goldsboro’s monthly book club and went on to win the Orange Prize for Fiction, increasing its value by 1100 percent. There are several additional examples: Salmon Fishing in Yemen, The Book Thief, Girl on the Train, and Before I Go to Sleep were all transformed into blockbuster films, increasing the value of first copies.

What are the best first edition books that you need to invest on?

Goldsboro MD David Headley gives his ideas on the ones to watch in 2020 to give you a head start on your first edition book investments.

Goldsboro Books picked Apeirogon by Colum McCann as our March Book of the Month in late 2019. We ordered two distinct versions, one in gold and one in black. It was one of the most gorgeous editions we’ve ever had, and it sold out by the end of the month. It immediately became a New York Times Bestseller, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This title is likely to appear in a lot of trophy lists this year and next. It’d also make a fantastic film, and Spielberg has already acquired the rights!

Alex Pavesi’s debut novel, Eight Detectives, is a fantastic read. It’s brilliant in the same way that Seven Deaths of Eveyln Hardcastle — a past Goldsboro Books Book of the Month – is, but without the fantastical. It’s a novel that will surprise you, deceive you, then deceive you again when you think you know what’s going on. It’s fantastic.

Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club is a fantastic book. Once a week, four unusual friends gather in a quiet retirement town to investigate unsolved homicides. It’s intelligent and amusing, and it’s a joy to read. This very amusing debut is guaranteed to be a bestseller, and you can expect to see it on a screen near you in the near future.

Clare Whitfield’s People of Abandoned Character is a novel you’ve probably never heard of. It’s another outstanding debut that’s likely to please. This book is amazing in every way. The plot, the writing, the conclusion… Don’t just take my word for it. ‘Astonishing…’ remarked CWA Gold Dagger award-winning author of The Puppet Show, a former Goldsboro Books Book of the Month. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t dominate the shortlists come awards season next year.’

Final words

Now you have a good understanding on how you should be investing your money on first edition books. While keeping this fact in mind, you will be able to invest your money on first edition books. This can provide some outstanding returns to you in the long run. Hence, you will never have to go through any major struggles.

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