Why Natural Fur Coats Need Professional Cleaning Services?

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Well, if you’re like us, you most likely fell in love with an amazing natural fur coat. And since this is a long-term investment, you might ask yourself about fur care tips.


Truthfully, we’ve got a piece of huge advice for you: dry clean your real fur coat after each season! And this should be unrelated to whether or not you wear it. Professional fur coat cleaning services can keep your item good looking and safe from wear and tear. But if you’re not convinced about regular fur coat cleaning services, you should continue reading. We shared our insights on why natural fur coats need a bit of extra attention from your part!


Dirt, debris or similar particles can make natural fur dull


Dirt can get trapped in natural fur hair, and you shouldn’t expect this to be something visible to the naked eye. Hence, this is the main reason why you should consider frequent professional cleaning services for real fur. The particles can damage the fur and can even create small holes in the fabric. It is highly recommended to clean your real fur coat once per season, but if you do it twice a year, you can considerably extend its lifespan.


Dirt can make natural fur fall out


Well, in case you thought nothing terrible could happen to your new real fur coat, here’s the truth! Dirt can make natural fur hair fall out and can cause damage beyond repair. So, this is another reason why you should always professionally clean your coat. And experts say you should never store a real fur coat without cleaning it. This can allow the dirt and debris to alter its appearance and decrease its value.


Wet natural coats should be dry cleaned as soon as possible


Let’s say that unexpectedly you got caught out in the rain or snow with your fur coat. And, of course, you let it dry naturally and put it to storage as soon as it is dry. But did you know that the best maintenance tip for natural fur coats is to professionally clean them soon after they get wet? Well, similar to our hair, natural fur fibers tend to get damaged quickly if they get wet. And this happens since they require some extra help from professional products to regain their brilliance and outstanding appearance. Hence, experts recommend cleaning your real fur coat after it got wet so that you preserve it in a fantastic condition.


The bottom line


The idea here is that you should always trust a professional cleaning service with your natural fur coat. And the reason behind it is simple: it can save you a lot of time, money and trouble. Also, professional cleaning services can keep your coat good looking and better its value in time. Our pro tip is to consider professional storage too. In this way, you will make sure your coat is put away in the optimal conditions until the following season!

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