Why not win the World Cup?

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After five victories, the Hungarian men’s handball team lost to the Spaniards in the Egyptian World Cup in a reserve line-up, and will meet the French for the top four on Wednesday from 8.30 pm. The French stuck in their group at last year’s European Championships, arriving for the current event with a new captain, and although they were not ranked among the biggest favorites, they are now among them.

Rosta had previously spoken of not wanting to be content with getting into the top eight – that was originally the goal – but aiming for the ultimate victory.



“There is a reality that we will win the tournament as we are here among the top eight teams in the world. Why can’t it be ours? The road is of course difficult, it takes three serious matches to win. We know you need to deliver extra-class performance three times. But there is nothing that is impossible, this is our basic position, ”said Miklós Rosta, the headquarters of the people of Szeged.



What he called lessons so far was that they were beginning to feel each other more and more in movement, more and more familiarity was developing, and if they had it, they could be even more successful.



With 27 goals, the most successful player of the Hungarian team, Dominik Máthé, emphasized that everyone still has a spare reserve and they are waiting for the next big tasks. According to him, the key will be that Máté Lékai will move the big central defenders of the French, if the number one goalkeeper, Bence Bánhidi, pulls to the wind from the middle, it is also possible to play that their wings are low, against whom it is easier to prevail.



“After Mikler Roland’s defenses, we definitely have to rush, speed can be the key to the match and we have to concentrate all the way through,” said Matthe, the French Olympic champion Luc Abalo’s player in Norwegian Elverum.

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