Why Online Shopping Is A Way Better Than Offline? Read This

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Shopping online definitely has its own perks or else it wouldn’t have been such a BIG thing today. From earlier being restricted to just books and clothes, to now being expanded to electronics and groceries, online shopping is not just convenient but also has a tsunami of offerings, in the different walks of life.

But is that it? Is that what makes online shopping what it is? Nope. There’s a list of other reasons as well, some of which we have discussed below:

1. You Are Pampered with Choices

While comparing online shopping to offline shopping, the latter is restricted in various ways. But the primary factor that remains on the top of our heads is space.

That is, when you are shopping store-to-store, you restrict yourself to a specific location that can only cater to a specified number of products. The available range may or may not satisfy your needs. But online shopping connects different locations with a server and you can explore the available products from all across the globe at your fingertips.

For instance, if your favorite brand has both, an online eCommerce website as well as an offline store, the online store is bound to have a larger variety of products. This is because online stores can display products from all of their branches but an offline store will only be able to show the ones available at the location, at the moment.

2. You Save a Lot More Than You Realize

When online shopping came into existence, no one thought it would soon start to replace brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, to make online shopping mainstream, it needed something special and so it led to the concept of discount store online.

The online stores started offering irresistible discounts to promote the eCommerce industry and soon the ‘extra discounts’ became the USP for online shopping. Plus, the extra savings on commute and time makes it all the more beneficial.

3. The Convenience of Door-step-delivery is Unbeatable

The maxim of ‘anything, anywhere at any time’ was made possible only with the emergence of online shopping.

Earlier, offline shopping was restricted by time, place, and even special occasions. Further, you have to get ready and travel places just to buy the outfit you saw on your favorite TV character – well, not anymore.

Now you can order anything from a pocket-sized screen with a few simple clicks. How many of you want to exchange this convenience against all the effort that goes into offline shopping? I am sure none!

4. Prevents Impulsive Buying

Impulsive buying is the act of buying a product without having the need for it. For instance, you step out of the house to buy a few t-shirts but also buy the dress on the mannequin even though you have something similar hanging in your wardrobe. This is usually triggered by the tricks of the salesperson. You may call it manipulation but that’s what they are paid for: Sales!

But at the end of the day, you are buying and spending more than what is needed or can be afforded. This won’t be the case with online shopping. There is no third party to manipulate you.

You only search for the things that you need, however, in the process even if you bump into products that are not needed at the moment but seem irresistible to you, further processing like Add to Cart > Confirm Order might compel you to reflect on your purchase.

Still, if you fail to resist, making returns with full refunds has never been easier!

Over to You…

According to a research, the global online shopping market size is predicted to hit more than $4 trillion in 2020. The number itself is roaring the win of online shopping against offline.

The reasons mentioned above are just a sneak-peek into why online shopping is greatly becoming so popular. There’s a whole list awaiting.

So, if you still haven’t made the switch online, you are already missing out on a lot. My suggestion is, if you are still second-guessing, try it once. The results, in the end, will be a win-win because even if you are not satisfied, you can easily return the product with full refunds guaranteed. Go on, keep shopping!

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