Why should you take the dog for a walk every day?

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Hello everyone, nowadays when going to the park or the pedestrian crossings, it is not uncommon for pet dogs to walk with their “bosses”, in other words, these dogs can walk. Walking, or exercising with your owner, this is not only a hobby but also a great way to exercise good health for yourself and your dog.

So, whether walking is necessary or not, let’s learn some of the effects of walking the dog and basic training steps for the dog to be good.

Dogs that have been staying for a long time in the property or garden will begin to get bored and if they see a neighbor’s dog walking outside, the dog will bark loudly, whine, or do a few tumbles to get your attention, If so, take the dog for a walk.

If you often go to morning or evening exercise, you should take your dog with you, so that the dog is comfortable, muscular and less sick, making his spirit more comfortable,

Additionally, while walking, the dog will learn to communicate with other dogs in the living area. This is great for puppies, as they can learn dog communication by interacting with older dogs. If you and your dog can walk for more than 1km a day, you will both exercise strength and stamina, burn off excess calories, enjoy the fresh air, and get curious about the neighbors together.

Some tips for walking the dog for the first time when the dog is new


  1. Always walk in front of them: Whenever you go out the door or go into the house, you must always be first. This shows your dog that you are the owner and has to follow you if it does not want to be left behind.
  2. Use a short string: You should use a medium length string so that your dog always comes close to your hips or backs a little behind you. The long string makes it harder to adjust the dog’s direction and gives the dog a chance to “swing around”.
  3. Train your dog to be obedient when walking: Every day you should spend 30 minutes to 1 hour walking the dog. This meets their essential needs and prevents the dog from “going crazy” when going out due to lack of time to play.
  4. Penalty for disobedience: If your dog begins to show signs of pulling you in the direction it likes, even using short leashes, you should punish them. The easiest and easiest way for them to understand that they are being punished for something is to pull the chain towards you or to the side where you want it to go. When pulling the chain, you can either scold or keep quiet, but don’t make eye contact. Be serious to let your dog know who owns it.

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  1. Reward: After an obedient walk, you can reward your dog by unleashing and letting them run and jump freely in a property you manage. There is no need to be overly concerned with them at this point, but you should take care in case you lose your pet. The free play time of your dog should be shorter than the time you take him for walks.
  2. Always in control: In any situation, you should always show yourself as the boss. Dogs are like children, they will quickly forget their lessons if you don’t remind them often. Let them wait a moment before unleashing, complimenting or scolding at the right time, and not being overly indulgent.
  3. Feed your dog after a walk: A good meal and water after a walk will restore your dog’s strength and let him know that he will be rewarded if he listens to you.

Above are some notes when walking the dog and the experience that I have gathered, until the dog gets used to daily walks you will not need to use leashes or leashes anymore but let them follow by themselves, will be very Great if I have a puppy running right beside me, especially FAs who always run alone :))

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