Why Sugar Free Options Are Not Part Of A Healthy Diet Plan

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Growing up I was always told that sugar was going to make me fat. I took that as a truth, but as a kid none of that mattered to me. No, I didn’t want to be fat, but I wasn’t exactly sitting around thinking: “Hmm, I wonder, how do I lose belly fat?” So when my mother told me not to eat so much sugar because it might make me fat, I didn’t pay her much attention. Especially since at that time I didn’t look fat. So, by the time I was older and starting to buy books on how to lose the belly fat, I immediately assumed that the sugar had to go.

Sugar Does Not Make You Fat

Okay, it sort of does, but only by association. Sugar is not fat. It does not create fat cells, and it doesn’t even make them bigger. What sugar does do is fill your body up with meaningless calories that your body has no use for outside of immediate energy.  Too many calories can make you fat. Now, we need calories. We have to eat a certain amount of calories per day to survive. We also need to get a certain amount of nutrients.  If you have to cut calories to lose weight, it may as well be the ones that aren’t doing anything for you by also providing nutrients. So it makes a lot of sense why sugar gets blamed for fat. Now, if you combine its effects on insulin and its relationship with diabetes, it is really easy to think that no sugar will automatically mean rapid weight loss. Sadly, it is just not true.

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Sugar Free Will Not Make You Skinny

So now that I have ruined your perfect weight loss plan, let me further let you down. Just like how getting rid of sugar won’t on its own help you lose weight, substituting for it won’t either. There are a few benefits to the popular no-calorie sweetener- they have no calories for one. That is about where the positive differences (in terms of weight loss) end. Artificial sweeteners provide sweetness to our foods. Our brains enjoy sweetness. Sweetness helps us want to eat certain foods. When we eat something sweet we are triggered to eat more of it. This would be a great thing if we were eating apples, and coconuts. But we are not. For most of us, a diet soda triggers your brain to eat a doughnut.Then, to make sugar free even more diabolical, the anti-weight loss chemists who created it made it sweeter than table sugar.This means that a diet soda is better at telling your brain to eat a doughnut than a regular soda is.

Why would you make a diet plan that makes it harder to lose weight?

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