Workout Freaks Workout In STAX And Other Brands


Workout apparel has joined hands with the fashion quotient. A wide range of elastics and fiber enduring force, tension under workout schedules in gyms, etc., are now in great demand, especially with the health-conscious people who work out regularly or are workout freaks. Joggers, swimsuits, yoga wears, shorts, bike shorts, hoodies, strappy, tanks, cropped tanks, etc., are available in the Australian market under several brand names. Name it, love it, and you have it.

Activewear Brands

Australian activewear brands, to name a few, are – Active Truth, dk active, Faebella, BAY Active, Sunrise at Bondi, STAX, To Barwyn and Back, Merino Country, Blackmilk, etc. have customers localized as well as spread across Australia. These cater to the varying needs and designs of activewear to their customers. Their materials also vary, ranging from organic fibers, synthetic fibers to Merino wool products for which Australia is known for.

Highlights Of The Brands

The brand dk active comes from Brisbane producing a wide range of workout clothing supporting all forms of physical activities. They also have a collection of activewear, which is made out of recycled materials.

Active Truth is again a Brisbane based brand. It initially catered to the demands of women’s tights, leggings. They have opened up for the other types of activewear demand of the customers. Their leggings come for all women, 14+ and pregnant women of all shapes and sizes. These leggings are usually high waisted, connecting the legs with the core of the backbone. It gives undaunted support while breaking a sweat.

STAX is another activewear from Perth, Western Australia by Don Robertson and Matilda Murray in 2015. They moved to Sydney in 2019, providing a vast range of workout apparel for men, women, and unisex clothing. Their materials are tailored with precision, long-lasting, and come in the latest or modern designs. Their products add a fashion statement to your lifestyle.

BAY Active by Byron Bay produces activewear with sustainable materials. Such as Merino wool, bamboo, and rejuvenated fabrics coming together to be spun into yoga wear, basic wear, and activewear. Their trusted flexibility, endurance coupled with the recycled and organic (cotton) constitution, ethically produced products contribute immensely to what is tagged as protecting the environment.

Merino Country and Woolerina focus on the potential hidden in the Merino wool. It has the special quality of keeping warm in winters and cool in summers. Workout wear for winters and summers could be made with Merino sheep’s wool. Sports bras, exercise tights, turtle necks, and what not could be spun out of this wool native to Australia.


Sunrise at Bondi is a Sydney-based brand that came up with swimwear for women and men’s jammers, briefs, and trunks. Fishing nets, old carpets, and other discarded fabrics are rejuvenated and used in manufacturing these active wears, adding an eco-friendly touch to their brand.

Barwyn and Back is more of a fashion for street kind of activewear, water phobic, protects the skin from harmful sun rays, locks in skin moisture, etc. They can also be used as casual wear while taking a stroll on the streets. The aura of their design, colors that blend with the mood and activity in gyms and out there would feel great. These and other eco-friendly products are made out of recycled materials.


Choosing from the vast range of workout apparel demands patience and analysis of which activewear genuinely supports your activity. Since a chunk of such brands provides you with recycled products. One should take care while discarding them in turn. Making use of the old garments one already has in their wardrobe for workouts would again add up to the eco-friendly goal of these brands.

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