Youtuber Got “Prisoned” for 15 months On Pranking A Homeless Man

We all have come across many youngsters who are becoming popular these days on gaining millions of followers to their very own youtube channel. This has become a trend in most of the youngsters. So in order to gain applause and to show their talent to the world, many people are choosing social media platforms like Youtube and many more.

Pranking is one of the most common talents that were presented by many YouTubers. And their own Pranking techniques in the youtube channels worked for many YouTubers in gaining followers and money on top of their Prank videos. Like So, there is a Spanish Vlogger whose name is Kanghua Ren got prisoned for 15 months after pranking a homeless man. I know you all are wondering like “Is that True?”. But unfortunately, it’s a big YES.

Kanghua Ren is a Spanish Vlogger and YouTuber who has 1.2 million followers on his channel. He filmed a video on pranking a homeless person in 2017 and posted this video with a  Facebook Youtube Thumbnail. Kanghua Ren has given a homeless person with Oreo cookies to eat that has Toothpaste which was sandwiched between the cookies instead of cream. This yt to fb thumbnail of Pranking Video filmed by Ren had brought him many viewers which in turn helped him making €2,000 from adverts that ran on the film of the prank. But when he was filming this Prank Video, that homeless man was left with the health conditions like Vomiting.

So, due to the reason that the homeless man was left with vomiting and all, Kanghua Ren got jailed for 15 months according to the act of violating the moral integrity of the victim in his 2017 Prank Video. And the case was filed on Ren in the Barcelona Court which was reported in the New York Times. And it was also stated that this was not his only isolated act and he had tried out many other cruel tricks on vulnerable victims in order to film his prank videos. Then the court ordered him to shut down his Ren’s YouTube channel named “ReSet”. Also, he was fined to pay €20,000 (£17,700) as compensation to that homeless man who was a victim of Kanghua Ren’s Prank Video 2017. And it was identified that the name of the homeless man was Gheorge L – a Romanian who worked as a shepherd before moving to Barcelona.

Also, it is stated in The New York Times that Kanghua Ren was unlikely to spend any time in jail, though, as Spanish courts typically suspend sentences of under two years for the offenders who were found of this kind of guilty of committing non-violent crimes for the first time.

.However he was ordered to not post any videos until 2024 on any social media platform. Immediately, on the word of Barcelona Court Ren deleted his Prank Video along with youtube to fb large thumbnail from his channel and he went to see the victim and offered him €20 and €300 in order to stop the homeless man from taking legal action over the stunt.

Though he was fined for whatever he did in his prank video, one of his 1.2 million followers challenged him to eat a toothpaste-filled biscuit on his own. In order to overcome that criticism, Ren undertook his follower challenge also.

Because of this kind of consequences the people who are passionate about presenting their talents to the world through social media platforms like Youtube are suggested to follow some protocols provided by Youtube and Laws. Meanwhile, along with video’s it is also important to take precautions while putting youtube to fb large thumbnail or Facebook Youtube Thumbnail on your channels. Because the more fake or illegal content, you post in thumbnails the more risk the YouTubers will have to face in case of any criminal or cruel offenses.

So, the YouTubers should be wiser and should act as offensive free in posting the yt to fb thumbnail of their videos on any social media platforms. Then only the popularity the YouTubers are looking for will come in a very genuine way and there will be no such illegal consequences at all.

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